scooter startup bird raises $300 million in latest funding round - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
scooter startup bird raises $300 million in latest funding round  -  what is a smart board
Bird said on Thursday it raised $0. 3 billion because it looks like it will dominate an emerging transportation industry.
According to a person familiar with the matter, the latest financing value is $2 billion.
A spokeswoman said it was Bird's third round of financing this year, making its debut in Southern California last fall with a total financing of $0. 418 billion and an unusually rapid accumulation of early cashstage startup.
Santa Monica, California-
Bird is an electric scooter service that allows users to locate and unlock dock-free scooters through a smartphone app.
It has fanned in several cities, but it has also caused outrage among regulators and residents in some places, because motorcycles can be placed anywhere, sidewalks and parks are full of garbage, the driveway and doorway were blocked.
Riding a motorcycle on a crowded sidewalk also caused problems.
This month, San Francisco officials issued a ban on scooters, requiring the companies to obtain licenses first and set a ceiling on the number of allowed scooters.
Other electric scooter suppliers include Lime and Ofo. Ride-
Lyft and Uber Technology [UBER. UL]
Also began to set foot in the motorcycle industry.
This $0. 3 billion round of financing was led by Sequoia Capital, with investors Accel, B Capital, CRV, Sound Ventures, Greycroft and e.
It is a venture capital, the company said.
Roelof Botha, investment partner at Sequoia, will join Bird's board of directors.
The company proposed to be the last one.
For example, the mile transport solution, which provides commuters with a car alternative to travel between public transport stations and final destinations.
In February, Bird raised $15 million from investors and another $100 million.
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