scotrail launches smart mobile ticketing - smart-ITATOUCH-img

scotrail launches smart mobile ticketing - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-24
scotrail launches smart mobile ticketing  -  smart
ScotRail announced the launch of a mobile ticketing pilot that allows customers to purchase, store and use tickets directly from their smartphones. Using near-
Field Communications (NFC)
Customers will be able to use their mobile phone through the ticket port.
The launch will be phased out in the coming months, starting with popular singles and return tickets.
A small number of customers will start the pilot, and more extensive promotion will be planned throughout the network in the future.
Visitors can skip the line on the ticket vending machine to reduce demand for paper tickets or plastic cards.
Leslie Kane, business director at ScotRail, said: "This pilot app offers convenient, convenient tickets and travel that we know our customers want.
"In the coming months, customers can buy and download digital tickets from a single app anytime, anywhere.
"The intelligent ticketing system is provided by California --
Already working with Strathclyde to transport and Rambus of Lothian bus.
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