seamers surge through india to put england 2-0 up with innings win - smart board in india-ITATOUCH

seamers surge through india to put england 2-0 up with innings win - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-30
seamers surge through india to put england 2-0 up with innings win  -  smart board in india
Don't feel too sorry for India after being defeated by 1 innings and 159 innings0 down.
In the same case, England has been on the receiving end and lost the game on the burning days of Ahmedabad or Mumbai, when the stadium was destined to favor the rotters of India --
Before the referee is neutral.
Also, India is not for these five-
Deliberate test series
Within two weeks between the end of the ODI series and the start of the Edgbaston series, their admins-
There is no doubt that there was some negotiation with their players
Three were arranged. day game of 18-a-
Against Essex, that's all.
No tour group organized so few exercises before the age of five
Test series in England
Not at all during this period.
This is India.
Indian batsmen "accumulated" 274 and 162 in this preparation, and 107 and 130 in Edgbaston.
In addition to their captain Virat Corey, India's highest personal innings are Ravi Ashwin's unbeaten 33 innings, and although the first innings have been completely eliminated, they have one more day left
In this series, another problem with being an Indian batsman is that you are more likely to be abandoned by the players than the mistakes of England. fielders.
Their opener Shikar Dhawan scored 26 points in Edgbaston's first inning, and their other professional batsmen did not score in both tests except for Kohli
So before the start of the third Test on Trent Bridge on Saturday, their entire top order will be afraid to knock on the room door of their hotel.
Kohli was exemplary in not complaining about England's "Green friction" after the event, but it was argued that the ordeal was decisive for the Lord.
However, visitors should not choose 11 people because of the hot weather prevailing throughout the tour, until the first day of this test --
The team is equipped with two rotators.
So they made a mistake themselves.
If England were first sent to the goal, they probably only scored 150 points when the ball was swinging and stitching at an unusual angle, but their four tailors would certainly be around 200.
This is a game for either side.
The trophy in this series is named after the Nawab of Paddy's father and son, and Indian batsmen should be inspired by their role models because the father won many games in England for Oxford and Worcester, his son won the game for Oxford and Sussex,
Shortly before his car accident, as a student, Paddy junior scored a percentage per game against Yorkshire, when they were champion county --
But he made more preparations than playing a few nets in the park.
India could be fired, even cheaper than waux himself, if England didn't hit 39 points before Sam Curran was caught by a third person. In those 8.
At the beginning of the fourth day, the ball swing to Mohammed Shami was larger than the subsequent swing to James Anderson, who only ran 43 times, he took his game to nine checks and his total was 103, making him the second player to reach 100 wickets at a Test venue after Mutia mulalitalan;
For Chris Wokes, he is the player of four wickets and 137 unbeaten matches, which is the second highest in England's seventh inning.
Another gray day, accompanied by strange showers, eight Indian wickets were taken away by bowlers from the end of the pavilion --
Anderson took the last two from the nursery.
No chance to be abandoned. England’s slip-
The catcher sprinkled three in the first inning of India, but Keaton Jennings accepted a sharp one on the left, and Ollie Pope caught two cleverness in a short period of time for the strikerleg and leg-
In general, this is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the "garrison Group.
"Stewart broad added one of his more vivid spells at the end of the pavilion, if not exactly equal to a roll of spells when he almost reached spontaneous combustion: The last one was in Johannesburg on January 2016.
Wide or keep the ball line outside the stump-
Grab aginjia Rahan
Or sew it up or throw it off the slope.
Broad is wearing a hat.
Let Kohli get caught in a short period of time after the striker's trickleg -
The Indian captain dropped to fifth place due to a back injury-
Tie Dinesh catik to his inswinger
Broad didn't get his hat.
But Aleem Dar did it because he made three correct refereeing decisions on a continuous ball: DRS found that Dar was correct in giving Kohli before he judged Kohli and Kartik out
As statistics show, India's highest partnership in this game is 55, which is sometimes too easy.
Under their favorite conditions, England is now on the road to victory, like India in India 4-
0, because the tourists did not practice the game of reorganization before Trent Bridge.
But it should be Test cricket, between Wells
Match the team in various conditions, not tit-for-tat.
He said with a smile that it was a dream come true to enter the Honor Council.
The Indian captain acknowledged the excellent performance of the tourists and praised England's "clinical" efforts in the ball.
And said Britain made Indian batsmen.
He emphasized puhara in particular.
Worked very hard during their stay.
He joked about his hat.
Trick ball: "It's too bad.
Anderson 9 broad5 vaux4 Curran 1 host is 2-0 up.
This is a great moment for Ollie Pope.
Sharma swayed while his legs were sliding, and a sharp turn ended the race: IND 130 was better than the other for ash mild Indian therapist Patrick Farhart
The referee took the opportunity to call a drink.
Anderson played Sharma twice outside, and Pierce was-
Turn to the pads of langgisimo.
Sharma just stuffed the bat to refuse Anderson and took two.
Ishant Sharma blocked his way.
Very plain.
Shami's goal is in Anderson-
His goal is middle school. on? -and misses.
The trigger of malai Erasmus bounced.
FOW: IND 125/9 accurate probe fare from Woakes.
However, Ashwin does guide the boundary by sliding the last ball.
After that, woks will continue to learn from Anderson, who has a special number of 8/41 in the test.
UltraEdge shows no contact on bats or gloves.
Shami hit Anderson on a short ball, and after Bairstow gathered behind the stump, England went up. . .
Ashwin shuffle and itch on the boundary of the thin legs.
One strike after another brought trouble to courdipp. . . 23 years-A pair of old bags!
Anderson made a complete ball on the left. hander.
Yadav was really late to push forward and the edge inside jumped up on the stump.
FOW: 121/8 Kuldeep lets Woakes in the Bay. It's out.
Panyda is a long way to go, but the replay shows that the ball holds back the stump.
Kuldeep Yadav is a pair, in the race, Woakes has a third wicket in this game, which is his century.
FOW: IND 116/7 woakes click Pandya on the front pad for the first delivery.
There is a lot of attraction, Aleem Dar refused.
Joe Root showed him a "t" sign. . .
Anderson's two singles games ended, and he beat Ashwin in the final game with a complete piler.
As their teammates watched from the balcony, the batsmen showed some characters during a tough time.
Chris Walker is back.
Seven from there.
Three single legs-
From Pandia to the 50-year-old border.
Anderson starts with something fairly short and wide enough to tilt Ashwin back and lift the ball over the canyon four times.
The only run is a leg.
Pandya added a couple through the cordon and drove through the middle
Go 20 further.
James Anderson is back.
India picked up four legs byes through Ashwin's thigh pad, then added another border due to the broken break of the injured personspinner.
There are eight Corron.
India needs another £ 191 for England to do it again.
Broads drew a fake photo from Pandia, who dragged it from the canyon for four months. Oof.
Then, as soon as the bowler turned back, Pandia panicked around the restricted area.
It looks painful.
At the end, there was only fresh air and a bit irresponsible drive.
The Virgin of Sam Curran, who filled it with Ashwin.
Ashwin fired Broad in the middle of the straight road-
The wicket was the third man and picked up three.
Pandia then drove to another border.
The lovely footage rings between the middle.
On the stump and instriker's end.
Sam Curran continued that Ashwin was no longer notable when the pope avoided a car on the cover.
Pandia added another order on the side of the leg. Ouch.
Now Ashwin needs a physical therapist.
His right hand fell from the bat behind his back. of-a-
The long labor spat on him and seemed to hit his right index finger.
He will move on after a long delay, but looks uncomfortable.
Pandia did a good job.
He punched him.
End the Colan game at 4.
Keaton Jennings joins Ollie Pope as the second short leg.
"Come on," said Jonny Bairstow.
After the two balls were left alone outside, a lift hit Pandia's gloves and he needed treatment from a physiotherapy doctor.
Good afternoon, everyone. Charlie here.
We're going to start the game again and it's easy to finish the second Test this evening.
A little bit before the last shower reminded me of this post by Jonathan Loff on Stuart Broad. It was a half-
As described here: he plays bowling at the right pace, and he creates all sorts of problems. Irresistible.
Tom Curran's strong support is also dangerous.
We have three reviews of three balls and Alem Dahl is right.
I will hand you over to Charlie Morgan who will be your spiritual mentor by the end of the game. Thanks!
It can be said that Kohli seems to be seriously injured for India.
Stumbling from the court.
Without him, you have to say that they are completely finished.
So we can recover from around 4.
It should not rain again at twenty o'clock P. M.
Wet and gray, not heavy rain.
I'm sure we will start again tonight.
What a wonderful moment for England. Superb.
Curren puts pressure on his body and has nowhere to hide.
In fact, having said this, they can now hide in the locker room for a while: it's starting to rain again.
Well, what is this.
Comments by Kohli survived.
He was then caught in the short leg and the review was unsuccessful.
Then Karthik was the first ball of lbw and he reviewed it too and he wasted it too.
Ashwin survived the hat.
Trick ball, Broad, dumped his leg four times.
Later the ball hit R. Ashwin on the ball pad, but it also hurt the leg.
Brilliant from the vast.
Brilliant Alem Dar es-Salam as well, too.
Ashwin is here. . .
No, the ball swings down the leg.
Karthik won the first place. baller!
He came forward and the ball sewn back inside and he was hit on the mat.
Referee Dar got his finger right away, but Karthik-
Hope his feet are out of line. reviews.
Should not. He is out!
FOW 61/6 is eight out of eight!
Kohli tried to remove the next ball from his mat, which Ollie Pope caught while diving in front of his short leg. Given out.
Now it's Kohli's turn to review. He's out! Kohli goes.
The FOW 61/5 was caught behind the England review and the leg was strangled.
Alemdal can't be given.
Very good decision.
He played his shirt.
7 out of 7 correct decisions about DRS.
Bairstow is fighting Curran, which means Kohli can't rely on his strategy of hitting from the crease to remove the LBW from the equation.
Kohli thick edges twice and then drive four times.
But at the end, he needs some treatment.
The first ball after the drink, the wide trap Kohli on the mat. Too high.
Convince Broad not to review. Surprisingly!
Colleen is here again.
This is a quality bowling ball.
He did it twice and made a panda on the outside edge.
Let's have a drink.
Pandya came in and saw the rest.
A wicket girlThat'll do it!
Widen it so that the ball has time to swing and make the seams as perfect as the rudder.
He found some moves and the ball hit off the stump and England now looks like the best player in the world.
The FOW 50/4 is fast bowling.
Curren was impressed by both group performances.
He has beaten Pujara three times, according to my statistics, and now he has got great Kohli fiddling.
A wide click on Pujara on the flap of the back pad has been called for to be caught, but YJB has calmed itCurran with Pujara everywhere here.
Hit him again and again
Photo of the day because of the fence covered by Virat cream.
Play wide again with that magical ball: fish inside and leave.
Kohli, who was beaten this time.
The change of bowling
This is S-Colleen.
Pujara relies on a full ball, something of high quality, four hits.
Kohli leaves the mark through the inner edge.
Wide beat Pujara with straight.
Stuart, he really seems to have mastered the final role.
Pujara needs a couple.
Kohli is not doing very well and looks very painful.
He left a block.
On the last ball.
Kohli came in with a light rain.
Rahane couldn't believe it, he knew he was supposed to leave, and from the end of pavend, Rahane's discipline disappointed him.
He drove on the edge of it, which was a smart grab on the cordon.
The FOW 35/3 Woakes continues with some of the blameless bowling balls.
This pair looks a bit stronger. Broad.
Pujara follows one outside.
Now his legs have been ground.
Batsman trading singles. Vital.
Can't let these guys pay zero attention to you.
Rahane has four clips on the mat.
The hero beat him outside.
Pujara shakes on the bat, Anderson hits the bat and the ball dies before it reaches the goal.
This pair is holding on and doing well to them because of doing so.
Compete fairly against Rahane, a brave and skilled drive through the cover. Four.
But then he got the ball to the edge!
It is very close to the chef in the lost place.
This is no place to hide.
They must be the rain dancing in the dressing room. Woakes maiden.
Anderson is immaculate and has four balls and away shapes outside.
Cheteshwar, cheer up.
Came: Pujara left and the ball came back and it scraped off the top of his stump.
Pujara played a ball on the last ball and kept on strike.
I know what some Yorkie would think in these pitching hands.
Friendly conditions.
Woks called for LBW.
Rahane's inner edge saved him.
Just a model farewell.
India's work here is over.
Hero Walker got the ball.
Four slippery, no ditch.
India recovered by 17/2 in nine games.
Pujara is 5 * Rahane is 1 *.
The man on strike, Pujaraat Lord's.
Apparently at Lord's.
England wants us to waste as little time as possible.
India pray for rain.
It rains at 12.
30. players leave on the cover.
Continued Anderson.
The Rahane edge of the slide is missing.
The last ball stayed a little lower.
Rahane survived.
In fact, this is the last ball we 've seen for the time being, because referee Marais Erasmus thinks it's too much rain now.
The rain stopped and playWoakes made a good start.
Leave the stump, good length, perfect seam position, away from the fumbled Pujara.
However, the ground crew is ready and ready.
Pujara poked the ball with soft hands and played down to the goal.
Anderson was at the scene.
Virat Kohli left the field this morning because of back problems, so he was not allowed to hit the ball until the end of the 37-minute race.
That means he has about six minutes to wait.
Oh dear me, this is the same as you will see.
Put the mat under, play around it, crash in front, KL Rahul not only didn't review, but he was actually gone by the time his fingers were raised.
13/2 wide.
But now the collector's item is a bad ball for Jimmy.
The leg ends and overtilt.
KL Rahul delivered it to the fine legs on the happy Road.
From the fast bowling community.
India is already on the road.
It's good to be ready to raise it up.
Rahul drove his car through the cover fairly and had a good time.
Pujara came in and Anderson was immediately with the deadly exporter. It's the nip-backer! Edged behind.
Definitely a class from James Anderson, in which Vijay stumbled with a pair of his names.
It came off the seams, jagged edges inside, and poor old Vijay couldn't do anything about it.
When the rain began, he left, and Anderson had his 100 Test wickets at Lord.
I mean good luck to you.
Lahuerkuan, four notes, a young girl.
Short, wide and not at all, give Bairstow a terrible gathering.
Anderson's typical thing is wandering outside.
Five is an angle, but he is not very clear.
James Anderson got the ball.
Let's see what he can do.
Vijay guards.
The ball did a lot for the Indians and Kohli's back was not good.
England need to throw everything to this point and hope to get a couple early before the rain comes.
The root wave came in.
Chris came over with big hands.
It hasn't rained yet, but it is expected to rain soon.
England led 289 goals in the new spell of Haddick Pandia, and Curran had a big ups and downs and he was caught third.
FOW 396/7 ingllandi krarespur moshami.
Worth the better.
Curren took a few steps and beat it in four offside.
Now Play Tennis six times under the bumper!
Cruel game, Shami, cruel game.
Wokes wiped one for four consecutive days.
It looks like England is moving on.
Bowling is changing in India.
Curran pulled Sharma for a couple and was stopped by Murali Vijay.
Curran now swings like a rusty gate, but does not really touch.
Mohammed Shami was excellent this morning.
He is too good for England.
Literally too good: they have no advantage!
Woakes just poke, no action of the foot.
Woks lives in danger.
Slash Sharma frantically, it flies over the third slip.
The notes are narrow.
Now another engraving, this one goes through the back point. Two ill-
Got the border.
This is the classic work of Mohammed Shami.
He has already started speaking, and none of these British batsmen know what to say in return.
He beat Curran on strike.
Now he has three balls in a row!
Chris didn't have enough advantage there.
Ideal bowling conditions.
I think it would be better for England to have the ball in their hands this morning. Ishant.
Deliver the classic Ishant, tilt it to LHB Curran, then leave the seam and grind him flat.
Curran drove away from his feet, but found the outfielder.
The ball does a lot.
The first ball of the day did too much to dinesh Karthik: it was wobbling, wobbling and keeping it a little lower.
It caused pain at the end of Dinesh's fingers and lasted four times.
Curren bokes and miss.
A little low delivery.
After being single, woks was very loose driving and was lucky to miss it.
It took them only 81 times to finish.
Virat Kohli left the field because of back problems.
The panel of Mr. Jadeja.
Shami came with a new ball.
It's old.
We set off on time.
England are attacking.
This morning's clock tower expert.
But the price of tickets for Sri Lanka cricket and England fans.
Leave a lot of things to need. From the BBC.
This is the hero of his century.
Skide Berry is low in people and in the bureau.
Welcome to our live blog for the fourth day of the main Test contest.
Yesterday belonged to Chris Wokes, who scored a goal in the first test of the century to let England take control of the game.
Woakes is one of the most popular people in cricket and he is happy with his efforts and I think it is fair to say that English cricket is happy for him.
He remained unbeaten on 120 *, his efforts (
And those of you who made £ 93, Jonny Bairstow.
England is already 250 ahead.
However, there is a cloud on the horizon.
The shape of the cloud. . . . clouds.
Today's weather forecast is not good at all in London, and the UK has to decide whether to announce and try to reach India between the expected rain stops or continue.
I want them to choose the former.
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