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shedding light on port arthur killer - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-11
shedding light on port arthur killer  -  drawing pad
A playful sketch allows the public to see for the first time the heart of Martin Bryant, the Holocaust murderer in Port Arthur.
Ten years after the deadliest massacre of gunmen in the world, lawyers who convinced him to plead guilty wanted to publish his case files.
These include paintings and 20-hour interviews that explain why Bryant shot 35 innocent people in tazhou in April 28, 1996.
Meanwhile, defense psychiatrist Paul Mullen revealed that the killing was triggered by a massacre of 16 school children in the town of Dunblane, Scotland two weeks ago.
Professor Mullen, head of forensic psychiatry at Monash University, said: "He followed Dunblane.
His plan started with Dunblane.
Prior to that, he had thought about suicide, but the early image of Deng Bran and the murderer Thomas Hamilton changed everything.
"Kobe Bryant, who turned 39 in May 7, has been held in the ward of Hobart Risdon prison since he was imprisoned in November 1996 and has stipulated that he will never be released.
In a rare interview, his mother Karin said her son would not speak to her.
"Martin is like a zombie," she told reporters.
"He will not speak;
He just stared at the middle distance.
I could sit in front of him for 15 minutes and he said nothing.
Recently, a doctor who has seen Kobe Bryant told the magazine: "He is an overweight, chaotic person . "
The doctor, who declined to be named, said: "If the community wants to impose severe punishment on Mr. Kobe, then they have it . ".
"He is in a worse situation than the death penalty.
According to the magazine, Bryant spent most of his time alone in his cell.
Initially, he tried to interact with other prisoners, but his attempt to integrate him with the prison population failed.
He stopped reading, watching TV, and had no friends.
It is said that he received a large number of letters, mostly from women, but never opened them.
Both Professor Mullen and Mr. Avery said that customer privileges prevented the disclosure of Bryant's complete story. Even those who refused to see him dismissed shortly after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Mr Avery said that in order to give survivors and families of the victims a chance, Kobe's right to privacy should be abandoned.
"If I am not bound by the client's secrecy, then I will post these documents even if it is just as a history.
He said, "I'm not saying there's a big secret . . . . . . But obviously the whole story is not told . ".
Mr. Avery described the sketch as one of Kobe Bryant's six sketches drawn from his Risdon cell because he kept his innocence for months after the murder.
With a second abstract and four chilling murder drawings, Mr Avery himself is a well-known art collector who describes the drawings as "dramatic ".
Avery believes he has persuaded Bryant to change his plea to avoid a funny court case. He said he gave Bryant a picture pad to help communicate with each other.
"I need to build some kind of rapport with this person.
"I need a limb to go out and give the monster an olive branch if you want to try to show that there is some communication between us," he said . ".
Forensic psychologist Ian Joblin checked Kobe Bryant after the massacre. his IQ is equivalent to 11-year-old.
He also found Bryant rational in the Holocaust.
He now suspects the conclusion.
"I now have serious doubts about whether he is rational, but I may be the only person in the world who thinks so," Mr Joblin told the communiqué . ".
"Let someone make up their minds --
Because you are angry with the world.
This certainly comes from distorted thoughts.
But Mr Avery rejected any idea that Kobe was crazy.
The main reason he changed his request, he said, was to avoid being seen as a fool.
"For anyone who has anything to do with him, Martin Bryant apparently did not appear as a person of normal intelligence.
He has an interesting way. he has a tendency to be a teenager.
"He has a series of personality flaws," Avery said.
"But I think that if 100 psychiatrists had examined him the day before the massacre in Puerto Rico, none of them would have locked him up.
"He is not crazy in law . . . . . . But, given the seriousness of his actions, people want to stand up --hole him;
They wanted to find a condition that would be easier to explain such gross behavior.
Professor Mullen agreed.
"Martin Bryant has no mental illness and time proves it," he said . "
"There is no simple explanation for what he has done.
"The Legal Aid Commission has asked Mr. Avery to take over the case.
In a chilling twist, he quickly realized that Kobe lived a few hundred metres from his home.
"It turned out that a few years ago, he was a little boy selling vegetables and rabbits and so on. he came to my house.
Mr. Avery said most of the conversations with Bryant were "near-mundane" but helped to get to know his personality in detail.
"I remember telling him at one stage that he was the most hated person in Australia.
He may think of me as the only channel he has for the outside world.
"We spent a lot of time talking about the most mediocre things because the case is not complicated despite the size of the crime," he said . ".
"We talked about how he liked traveling, how he liked the tie I wore all day and how he bought a suit from Henry Bucks and how he liked going to Melbourne
He once bought a talking gray parrot in South Australia.
I'm kind of like a passenger on an overseas plane trip and he can't get away with talking to him until the journey is over.
"So why did he change his request?
"Never like asking," did you do it, man? It's so simple.
We talked in detail about what he said he did.
It was a process of conversation, not to grab his throat and force him, but to let him change his request.
I want him to make a decision.
The evidence is absolutely overwhelming.
He has the right . . . . . . Prove him guilty, so my job is to explain to him what it means --
About himself and the families of the victims.
Pursue innocence.
"He certainly admits that a plea is a better result for everyone, including himself, but I wouldn't say it's out of any remorse.
He was incapable of showing any remorse.
"Mr Avery said Kobe changed his request two weeks before the trial.
His record also contains a handwritten request from Kobe because Mr Avery said, "I want him to take it himself ".
On April 28, a memorial ceremony and community concert will mark the 10 th anniversary of the killing in Da Nang.
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