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shopping trips are no vacation - smart board tools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
shopping trips are no vacation  -  smart board tools
Bill Cook, with a list and a shopping basket, resigned from his job at hand and stood in the aisle of an office supplies store in Westchester, reading the shelves of blue, red and black pensand quadruple-
Single-sided pencil, 1
When a smile suddenly appeared on his face, he punched and covered the rubber: the chiseltip markers!
This is a moment of victory discovery, probably shared by thousands of parents during their annual return --to-
School ceremony for purchasing school supplies.
While some families have gained a lead in purchasing supplies in early summer or Midsummer, many families, such as chefs, wait until the first week of class to get an updated list from the new teacher. All told, back-to-
The National Retail Federation said school spending is expected to exceed $18 billion this year, and spending on school supplies such as folders, backpacks and lunch boxes will reach $3 billion.
Most families will spend $90 to $100 on supplies. -
The national average is $94, but for those with several schools, the cost could be as high as hundreds of dollars. age children.
If supply costs are rising every year, the products themselves may seem very familiar.
Even in this era of Internet downloads, laptops and smart boards, there is no way to replace some simple trading tools ---a No.
Pencil and spiral notebook.
In some ways, they are more important than ever.
Since standardized exams and exit exams put more pressure on managers and teachers to improve student performance, the importance of having the right materials has never been so great.
Pam Brady said: "We have increased the accountability of children's requirements in California, even from kindergarten, which requires children to have more school supplies than at any time in history, chairman of PTA, California.
"These are actually tools that children use to learn how to organize ---
This is your pencil, your pen, this is the folder where you put things.
All of these organizations help children reach their greatest potential.
"While parents may think these lists are a bit arbitrary, they are carefully designed to meet safety and teaching standards," said Bob Huston, principal of Ore bank Primary School . ".
K-parents in each grade
6 The school provides a detailed list in the spring, you can shop by yourself or buy ready-made
A toolkit organized by the school's parents and teachers.
"Different types or markers, colors, crayons, scissors, are all based on what is appropriate for development," Houston said . ".
"Just like a carpenter has a box of tools, different tools are used for different jobs, and the supplies needed vary from grade to grade.
If parents ignore the lists, teachers are often forced to pay out of their pockets, Houston said.
"If the teacher sees a child who has nothing, they go to the bat and get something for them, it's just the way they make it.
For retailers, behindto-
School shopping peak is equivalent to the highest sales during Christmas.
The Staples store in Westchester has extended its business hours and hired more staff to meet the needs, said Devin Lee, assistant store manager.
One night last week, while he was talking, the parents and the children filled with baskets stood on a check --
A line that winds past the table organizer.
Robin yada said she and her 11-year-old daughter, Gianna, had learned to wait until the first day of school before starting their exploration.
Yadach said: "Some teachers want binder notebook paper, some teachers want spiral binding, not all teachers give you everything immediately, so it takes several trips. When she read from the list provided by Gianna's art teacher at Auville Wright Middle School in Westchester.
What is the most difficult to find?
"Maybe this vinyl Eraser," she said, looking at the sheets.
Although the supply list is fairly standard, some schools and teachers can be quirky, and for parents, looking for low-odor markers, washable glue and hand-written paper with special rules can be similar to a treasure hunt.
Some examples on the list of public and private schools include:
2 pencils--
* 1 packaging, paper tray (50+)(
"Not plastic or foam ")
* "Plastic pencil sharpener for map color! ! And NO TRAPPER-KEEPERS PLEASE!
"All Saints School in puyalup, wosh.
, Requires each student to have an earthquake kit that is stored in the classroom. The outdoor-
The Rocky Mountain School in Colorado is located in Carbondale, Colorado.
Students are required to bring leather work gloves, water purifier sheets, whistle with neck rope, leggings--
Prevent debris from Boots-
Highly recommended.
Los Angeles United School District, on the other hand, is mainly the a-180 of student school supplies, 000square-
Foot Pico Rivera warehouse, stocked with 3,000 items, including calculators, chairs, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and special types of building paper and newspaper that may be difficult to find in office supplies stores
More than 20 each year.
9 million paper clips, 11.
6 million personal crayons, 4. 6 million No.
2 pencils and 1.
Dianne Doi, deputy director of material management, said 2 million copies of copy paper had been distributed.
Despite this, many schools easily exhaust their supply budget and ask parents to supplement the distribution in the area, officials said.
At the other end of the scale, the Chicago private campus Catherine Cook School is using technology to virtually eliminate most of the supply of middle school students
The released tablet uses a keyboard and a screen with handwriting recognition.
Students create projects using sound and video, take their laptops home at night, and submit homework over the Internet. Sarah E.
Lehman sent her the seventh.
The first-year daughter, Eden Schwartz, went to class last week with a laptop, charger and a ballpoint pen (just in case)
She hasn't used it yet.
"The children didn't actually bring any newspapers to school," said Lehman, director of school progress.
"All files, jobs and worksheets are published digitally online.
In any case, these children are digital natives who have fully accepted them.
"While most schools still cannot provide computers for each student, there is a campaign to help parents, especially those with limited means, manage the cost of school supplies.
Annual sales in several states
Duty-free holidays for school supplies.
Tennessee, August 3
5 Sales tax holidays include school supplies at a purchase price of $100 or less per piece.
Scissors, sketches and drawing boards, backpacks, glue, paste and binder are tax free.
Officials say shoppers in Tennessee saved $15 million in supplies last year.
Brady, president of PTA in California, said her team will lobby the State Council to consider issuing similar holidays next year.
Many individual schools and parent teacher organizations have prepared kits for poor students.
In August, PTA, the Ninth District covering San Diego and Imperial County, helped sponsor a New ERAA (
Re-commitment to academic achievements)
This provided workshops for parents and students and distributed 3,000 free backpacks full of supplies.
"It's very beneficial to see the children's faces turn bright, otherwise they won't have the basic knowledge they need to go to school," said regional president Debbie Vincent . ".
Still, most families take Cook as an example and he has 8-year-
The old son will be dragging, looking for dry marks, 4 packages of folders (
Different colors)
The notebook he needed for the third time
Grade courses at the Center Street School in El Saigon.
When he carefully read the printed list of glue sticks, markers and other items, he speculated that some might come back --
Prepare supplies for the teacher.
"I know many of them are spending their own money, so I don't mind helping out," Cook said . ".
"Oh Dad," said Will, who was much more excited about the shopping trip than his dad, "did we get a glue that could be cleaned? "--carla. rivera@latimes.
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