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six reasons to say no to a smart meter - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-05
six reasons to say no to a smart meter  -  smart
The great smart meter revolution has shaken and families can choose to quit again and keep their old meter
Old-fashioned meters that require manual reading.
When smart meters are introduced to 2009, smart meters should simplify the billing process to ensure that electronic advertising is timely and accurate. But the roll-
The problem has been bothering us.
As described below.
Now, according to the research done by Comparet hemarket.
Com, one of the five people doesn't want it.
The government initially said that smart meters would be installed by every household by 2020.
Nearly seven million have been installed so far.
But in June, the government cleverly lowered that demand.
Now, by 2020, smart meters will be available to every household and there is no obligation to use smart meters.
The controversy about smart meters is more because the government's job is to develop an overall energy policy, not the work of the supplier, and to put the carbon dioxide emissions
National roll based on energy
Outside smart meters, the expansion of renewable energy and nuclear energy will have cost consequences, and consumers are expected to pay.
In the end, each family will pay for the new meter roll --
Go out through their bills.
Energy companies will soon say that is one of the reasons for the bill's rise.
But should you buy one?
These are six key factors.
Early adopters of smart meters were severely hit when they later tried to replace energy suppliers.
Some of the "first generation" smart meters installed in the home are currently incompatible with the new National Communications Network
This is how to transfer your usage data to an energy provider.
Electricity meters that are not connected to this system "become stupid" when consumers change suppliers, meaning their new smart meters are no better than old onesfashioned ones.
The customer must submit the reading manually as before-
A "smart" thing will actually be more difficult. meter-turned-
More stupid than the old oneOld-fashioned meters.
The government and Smart Energy GB, which are responsible for promoting the promotion of smart meters, insist that the initial meters will eventually be connected to the network.
However, insiders from some of the big energy companies say they may need a replacement.
The introduction of smart meters is disappointing for many homeowners who think they will gain more control over their bills.
Most energy suppliers encourage customers to pay through an annual payment plan in which their annual usage is pre-estimated and costs are divided into 12 payments.
This means that even if the customer has a smart meter, millions of bills still refer to "estimated" use.
This also means that many customers, as before, have hundreds of pounds of credit on their accounts.
The error of the meter also means that the supplier is sending the wrong information and taking action.
Angela Forman, who lives in East Sussex, agreed to install the smart meter after being told that the smart meter will no longer need to send the meter reading every month.
She has been collecting economic tariffs that, when energy needs and costs are low, make separate readings during the day and at night.
However, when she received her first bill under the smart system, the bill was 114, much higher than her usual 94.
Her meter is out of order and is sending an estimated reading to her energy company and actively spending her money.
The horror story swamped customers on social media who were wrongly charged tens of thousands of bills.
Mark umplebysse SSE sent a picture of him using 33,183 of gasoline a day
The budget is 2,765,175.
Another customer, Usman Hussain, posted a photo of his meter on Twitter, saying he would charge nearly £ 9,600 for electricity and gas for the day.
The successful operation of smart meters can also be a postal code lottery.
Live in areas where the mobile signal is bad?
It is possible that your smart meter will not work.
This is Mrs. Foreman's question.
Mobile reception is not good enough, which forces her smart meter to revert to "dumb mode" and send an estimated reading.
Another reader, Suzanne Harvey, installed a smart meter in 2014, and the engineer who installed it told her that poor reception could cause difficulties.
It turned out to be the case that she had not received the bill for almost a year.
Smart Energy GB expects the launch of the National Network to make the meter independent of mobile coverage
This problem was solved effectively.
Many people complain about the "smart interface" of their meters"
Equipment located inside the house and showing usage and cost data-
It's hard to understand.
Hope to develop mobile applications for more usersfriendly.
Alexa, one of the newer providers and an advocate for smart meters, has an app that shows usage and readings updated every week.
It also shows any current balance in recent months as well as usage and cost.
The smart meter policy was first supported by former Labor leader Ed Miliband.
Behind the Conservative Party.
As a way to reduce energy use in the UK.
For this reason, they are very popular in Europe.
However, some people believe that there is no real evidence to support the claim that smart meters may completely change our energy habits.
In fact, equipment designed to reduce use, including energy
Saving the LED bulb and dimmer switch can actually "change the shape of the current" and distort the reading.
A Dutch study found that this resulted in reading six times higher than they should have.
If consumers use smart meters to track and reduce their daily use, their efforts may be stumped by such failures.
Even if the instrument works as planned, the savings are small.
There is not much data yet, but a supplier, UK gas, said customers using smart meters saved an average of £ 30 a year.
Before the introduction of smart meters, many experts highlighted security concerns about these devices, claiming they could be hacked.
Security experts warn that smart meters can be infected with a virus that can spread between different devices and cut off some separate energy supplies.
Others have warned that they may even be hacked and used for terrorism.
A year ago, the Financial Times reported that the intelligence agency GCHQ stepped in to protect the network after concerns that hackers might access every smart meter and "start blowing things up ".
The authorities have always assured the public that the equipment is safe.
A survey by BBC regulators aired at the end of July also raised questions about the link between smart meters and fires.
It is not clear whether the instrument itself or their installation is faulty.
Is there a problem with your smart meter?
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