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smart board operation overcomes big ssc glitch - smart board for home

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-01
smart board operation overcomes big ssc glitch  -  smart board for home
Like a top-secret army.
The style of operation, the National Council successfully saved a disaster in the ongoing SSC exam.
Typically, SSC problem files are sorted and packaged in Pune based on the number of candidates in each center and then delivered to the nine branch board offices.
However, the wrong data input from the outsourcing private organization left the board and no accurate statistics were made on the candidates in most state centres.
This led to the planning and execution of massive silence
Designed to ensure the successful start of the SSC exam.
The chairman of the National Committee, ganghadar mhaman, said, "The success of this operation is the result of perfect coordination between each staff member.
The division office worked overtime to ensure there were no opportunities and the student lakhs took the exam without any pressure.
"The action started in Pune about 10 days ago, and the test papers, dated March 3, 5 and 7, were first packaged into 10 bundles, 50 and 100 per vehicle, then Transport in bulk to the branch office.
The Nagpur branch office of the civil service line became a fortress, and some selected staff members closed them in locked rooms with these sensitive documents and were responsible for the examination center according to
SM Ganorkar, acting chairman of the board of directors of Nagpur division, said, "We plan to refine the whole thing to the details.
Tasks were assigned and timelines were set.
We have to manually check the data of the school and then assign the number of test papers for each center.
As usual, additional problem files were added to the allocation of each center and completed.
The staff worked very well at midnight, not reluctantly, and took pains to complete the task to ensure that the students were not inconvenienced.
"Ganorkar, who is also the full-time chairman of the Amravati department, said that similar work and operating procedures have been followed there.
Nagpur Division Secretary Anil Pardhi has actually been leading the operation of the board since the last chairman Chandramani Borkar was transferred six months ago.
He said, "the regular work of the board of directors is carried out at the same time as this large-scale operation, and each staff member makes his own claim that the office can handle various situations.
President Mhamane assured that the highest level of security was maintained and there was no chance of paper leakage.
"Paper is never visible because they are always wrapped even if the quantity is small.
Even in the office of the board of directors, secrecy was maintained and due attention was given.
Now after the problem file
"On March 7, with the check of student data, Pune office has sorted them out and packed them into the Test center," Mhamane said . ".
Main person in charge of information GFX: the board of directors passed a difficult test and what went wrong * data entry for SSC students was outsourced, this leads to the error entry the lakhs * board of directors does not have the exact number of test papers requested by the center there is a problem with the paper can have left the center of confusion * wrong data input also means acknowledging the huge error of the card, how the board of directors can salvage this situation * the problem file is packaged into 10 bundles, 50 and 100, and sent in batches to the branch office * the exam papers on the March 3, 5 and 7 th of the problem are compiled in the branch office, according to the requirements of the center, employees who choose to work before midnight classify and package files * manual check data is work done by employees 15-
Three days, 17 hours a day.
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