smart boards and interactive whiteboards - revving up presentations - what is a smart board-ITATOU

smart boards and interactive whiteboards - revving up presentations - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
smart boards and interactive whiteboards - revving up presentations  -  what is a smart board
Interactive whiteboards and smart whiteboards are more or less user friendly boards that can convert digital data on projectors to images that can be written.
It is unique and very different from the various other committees because they can be used for presentations, teaching purposes, seminars, meetings so that they can be more interactive and animated.
Usually interactive whiteboards are available now.
Built-in touch recognition technology.
Now, users or specific teachers can write on these interactive whiteboards, can browse pictures on the whiteboards, can delete unwanted things, and these interactive whiteboards can also provide more.
It enhances the whole process of teaching students to be very interactive because it uses digital technology rather than the traditional method of using chalk on the blackboard.
The features presented by the interactive whiteboard do make a huge difference in the process of holding lectures, seminars, conferences and presentations.
It enables users or presenters to express their views in a better interactive way.
One can use the color of the pen he or she wishes to use on the smart board.
Many interactive whiteboards and smart boards are now equipped with pen plates.
The remarkable feature of the interactive whiteboard is that you can save your notes to a computer file and you can write them with your fingers or any other object, along with the technology embedded in the board instead of embedding attachments such as pens, erase or navigate objects on the smart board.
The smart circuit board uses resistance technology I. e.
There is a one minute air gap between two pieces of resistance material inside the plate.
Once you reach the motherboard, a contact point will be registered and its contact is
Coordinates correspond to the same area on the computer screen.
The technology used in smart boards and interactive whiteboards has had a huge impact on the education industry, as smart boards and interactive whiteboards are being put into use in an unprecedented manner.
It's quite easy-to-
Use a device that greatly simplifies the presentation, workshop, and lecture processes.
This can be done whether it's writing notes, drawing charts, explaining illustrations, or smart boards, and users don't have to put too much effort into it.
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