smart classroom: headmistress spends rs 2 lakh to build smart classroom | trichy news - times of india - smart board tv

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-19
smart classroom:  headmistress spends rs 2 lakh to build smart classroom | trichy news - times of india  -  smart board tv
Trish: First Timeof-its-
Under the city's friendly initiative, an online smart classroom was opened on Monday at a corporate middle school in Beema Nagar.
Children now have access to a virtual learning environment. a web-based platform-
This will enhance their learning experience.
Principal D Raja Rajeswari said that the new facility will stimulate the children's curiosity and thinking ability, and that he bears the full cost of Rs 1.
83 lakh establishing the facility.
The school had only 56 students in 2015. 16.
But the number has increased to 109 of 2016-
17 meetings after smart classroom, application
Based on learning technology, schools are introduced using government-provided funds.
We realize that parents want their children to learn new things.
Due to the facilities of private schools, parents chose private schools.
After we introduced the smart classroom, the principal said, we found that the number of people in our school is increasing.
As the number of students rose to 165 this year, we decided to upgrade the facility and launched an online classroom this year, she said.
There is a smart board with projector and speakers in the classroom.
The facility is equipped with a computer with access to the Internet to download relevant content.
In addition, she said, the children can broadcast live lessons at a government school in Karur's K Paramathi.
We are linked to schools with the same facilities, and classes can be broadcast live via Skype.
Raja Rajeswari said students will now have the opportunity to sit in the classroom and interact with students from other schools.
The school has launched its own blog, highlighting the school's facilities.
A database has been created with the contact details of the parents of the children studying at school.
"We will send regular reminders to parents about their children's performance," said the headmistress . ".
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