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smart classroom project to be launched - interactive whiteboard lessons

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-13
smart classroom project to be launched  -  interactive whiteboard lessons
The Ernakulam College cluster is preparing to allow learning to go beyond the traditional textbook experience by launching the "smart classroom" program on campus.
A cluster of mahalaja colleges;
University of Thripunithura;
Thripunithura, Sanskrit College;
Soon, a memorandum of understanding will be signed by Kochin College. MoU)
Center for the development of video technology (C-DIT)
Launch an ambitious plan.
The United States explained that the purpose of the project was to explore the great opportunities that ICT provided in higher educationA.
Mohandas, president of the Maharajas College and chairman of the Ernakulam cluster, told Hinduism on Tuesday that the initial cost of the smart classroom program is estimated to be Rs. 20 lakh.
The university participating in the cluster will be networked to get the best benefit of modern technological progress, the professor said
There will be audio in the smart classroom, Mohandas said
Visual presentations and digital devices that can be used to enhance the learning process on campus.
Smart classrooms will be provided in the country-of-
Computer of art, interactive panel and interactive whiteboard.
This will provide teachers with the necessary tools to help enrich the learning experience of the students, he said. C-
As part of the agreement, DIT will provide certificate courses in areas related to information technology.
Students can also choose short-term study
Organize the semester courses offered. C-
For the success of the project, the expertise of DIT in the field of academic training will be fully utilized. Prof.
Mohandas said a university cluster website related to the smart classroom project will also be launched.
The interactive website will detail the courses offered by the Cooperative College.
It will also provide information on the joint programme initiated by the Ernakulam Academy cluster.
The smart classroom project is one of the various projects being launched by the Ernakulam College cluster.
The Ernakulam cluster, an initiative of the National Higher Education Commission, received Rs.
A crore assistance from the council for kick
Several academic projects were started in the last fiscal year.
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