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smart dublin innovation research funding for eight firms - smart tech

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-27
smart dublin innovation research funding for eight firms  -  smart tech
Local authorities in Dublin and Irish businesses have provided a total of € 300,000 to eight companies to continue to develop smart technologies and improve the lives of the capital.
These companies will receive funding in the second phase of the Smart Dublin innovation research project to pilot and test innovative smart technologies.
The challenges that the fund project is addressing include illegal dumping, floods and road-finding.
The eight companies are analytics engine, Kara Group, danato, Evercam, mSemicon, Route4U, Skytango and SparroWatch, respectively.
Launched last year, the programme called for proposals to address specific challenges.
200 letters of intent and 40 proposals were received, of which 16 were funded in the first phase, valued at approximately € 12,500.
The smart Dublin Group, which consists of four Dublin local authorities, also supports these companies.
Smart Dublin aims to work with technology providers, researchers and citizens to address challenges and improve urban life.
The illegal dumping challenge program seeks low-cost, innovative technical solutions to deal with illegal dumping and illegal dumping.
Flood monitoring streams seek to use technology to provide real
Time monitoring of ditches, especially in high-risk areas and during flood events.
At the same time, the pathfinding program is designed to help people find their way seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments and arrive at their destination or date on time.
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