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smart dust is coming. are you ready? - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
smart dust is coming. are you ready?  -  smart
Imagine a world where wireless devices are small and skeptical.
These small devices have sensors, cameras and communication mechanisms to transfer the collected data back to the base for processing.
Today, you don't have to imagine any more: The microcomputer system (MEMS)
Often called motes, it's true that they will most likely come to a community near you.
Whether this fact is exciting or frightening, it's good to know everything about it.
What can smart dust do?
The microcomputer system is equipped with micro-sensors that can detect everything from light to vibration to temperature.
Due to its small size and amazing power, the microcomputer system combines sensing, autonomous power supply, computing and wireless communication in a space that usually has only a few millimeters of volume.
These devices are so small in size that, like dust particles, can be suspended in the environment.
They can: Micro 3D printing, because the components that make up these devices are 3D printed as a whole on a commercial 3D printer and can handle a lot of complexity, and overcome some of the small manufacturing hurdles that used to limit what you made.
Optical lenses made for these micro-sensors can get the best quality images.
The practical application of smart dust the potential of smart dust to collect information about any environment is very detailed and may affect many things in various industries from safety to compliance to productivity.
It's like scaling up the Internet of Things technology millions or billions of times.
Here are just some of the ways it might use: the disadvantages of smart dust are widespread and there are a lot of problems
The scale of intelligent dust that needs to be sorted is adopted.
Here are a few shortcomings of smart dust: Privacy issues: Many people have real
The impact of smart dust on the world is a privacy issue.
Since smart dust devices are miniature sensors, they can record anything that is programmed to be recorded.
It is difficult to detect because they are small.
When smart dust falls into the hands of the bad guys, your imagination can get out of control with the negative impact on privacy.
Control: Once billions of smart dust devices are deployed in one area, it is difficult to retrieve or capture them if necessary.
Given how small they are, detecting them will be a challenge if you don't realize they exist.
Rogue individuals, companies or governments may cause damage to a large number of smart dust, which will make it difficult for authorities to control when necessary.
Cost: as with any new technology, the cost of implementing an intelligent dust system that includes satellites and other elements required for full implementation is high.
Before the cost drops, it will be a remote technology for many people.
What should you prepare?
Entities that have led the development of smart dust technology since 1992, as well as big companies such as GE, Cargill, IBM, Cisco Systems and more people who invest in smart dust and feasible application research believe that, this technology will be disruptive to the economy and our world.
At present, many applications of intelligent dust are still in the conceptual stage.
In fact, Gartner listed smart dust technology for the first time in the Gartner hype cycle in 2016.
While the technology has the momentum to move forward, there are a lot of issues to be addressed before you see it affecting your organization.
However, it is important to pay attention to its growth trajectory, because it is no longer the material of science fiction.
We may not know when it will develop to a wide extent.
But of course we know that this is a question of when to adopt it, not whether to adopt it or not.
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