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smart ic tester - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-04
smart ic tester  -  smart
We all know what IC testers do. . .
But for those who don't-
IC testers are devices used to test integrated circuits, sending pulses according to their truth table.
Typically, the IC number is entered into the IC tester and compared to the logic table for that particular IC.
The Smart IC tester is more capable and better than the universal IC tester, which is able to detect and check the connected IC as well as the manual mode.
With touch LCD, Our IC tester has a better user experience and an easy-to-understand user interface.
IC testers may be expensive equipment, but this device is less than 1600 (~$25)
It's cheap, right?
Electronic stools and other suppliers designed a shield for all components
Choose Arduino Mega as my micro
Since both the ZIF socket and the LCD can be placed side by side, the controller board has a compact and portable look.
I used Autodesk Eagle in the PCB design section (
I have attached the eagle file below).
A big problem with the jlc pcb is sponsoring the PCB project.
They offer a $2 PCB Prototyping and a free shipping service on the first order.
Once you have all the components and PCB, weld them in place as shown in the figure and you are ready! !
Once you're done welding-
On the LCD shield and the female head, this completes the Assembly of the IC tester. Remember -
"If it smells like chicken, then you are wrong "; )
Open the Arduino ide and open the code. . .
You can replace my name with your own name so it starts with your name.
Depending on your choice, you are free to use the color scheme.
All code files are available on GITHUBI. A basic database has been compiled for the component tester that contains the basic ICs.
The database is in the database.
Txt file on GitHub.
Copy this txt file to the SD card and insert it into the touch LCD shield.
Since the user JorBi of structure is structure-
Arduino IC tester is one of my inspiration sources. Pattern -$[IC Number][IC Name][Pins][Test Case 1][Test Case 2]. . . [Test Case N]
Sample test casesSay I have IC-
7426 samples test will be0000HHG000000VHere 0/1 is used to specify input and H/L (High/Low)
The output is specified, V is VCC, and G is grounded.
Follow the orders of Pin 1, 2, 3. . . . . 7, 8, 9, . . . .
For the ICLet above, we upload the code and start the IC tester.
Fingers crossed! !
And the effect is very good! !
You are welcome to contribute to the project and database on GitHub.
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