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'smart' lice resist conventional treatments - smart

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\'smart\' lice resist conventional treatments  -  smart
Six years ago, when Kerry Bloom's eldest daughter had head lice, the mother of the three children thought it was --off case.
But after the animals came back
Other parents revealed that their children at the same suburban school in southwest Calgary also had lice --
She wants to know what happened.
Blum never had head lice when she was a child.
With the passage of years and the notice of the lice worm who came home one after another, some of Bloom's mother friends began to petition primary school to let the coat hook go further.
"At school, the lice climbed from the jacket to the jacket," Bloom said . ".
A group of parents concerned about the matter asked a community health nurse to come in and talk to the children about lice and urged them not to share hats, brushes and hairpins.
Bloom began adding tea tree oil to her daughter.
For a few years, Downing sprayed it on her hair every day as a insect repellent.
The Calgary Board of Education finally developed a "head lice action plan" for the school ".
Bloom, also a teacher, only recalled three or four separate lice during her eight years of junior high school teaching from 1998 to 2006.
To be fair, the ongoing waron-
The lice in her child's school are literally playing at home.
"It's worse than ever," she said . ".
"I want to know why.
You guys, Calgary, cheer up.
Due to a new type of lice that is almost impossible to kill, head lice infection has become a new normal for schools throughout the city.
Research published earlier this year in the Journal of Medical insects shows that a new type of tick variant is fighting-
There are now 97 kinds of ointment and shampoo.
The proportion of lice cases in Canada was 1,99. 6 percentage points in the United StatesS. lice cases.
These bugs are called "super lice" and their genetic mutations make them resistant to pesticides traditionally used to kill them.
This has been a problem since a study in Canada published a similar finding in 2010.
More than 2 million Canadians experience head lice every year, and the CBE head lice literature says primary school children may have head lice at any time.
There are only two or three children in a standard class.
However, when those students can't seem to suppress itching,
The factors increased exponentially, causing panic among parents.
Last winter, I read emails with more and more alarm clocks
Email "tick notification" starts showing up in my room every weekbox.
From January to June almost every morning
When my daughter's friend became the victim of this primary school disaster (
Their parents advised caution. —
I checked for signs of small animals and their eggs on Avery's long and thin hair, called nits.
The epidemic continues to spread, and some children have multiple lice.
Or, what seems more likely now is that these families did not get rid of pests in the first place.
The explanation of this "super lice" makes sense to the Reba Stewart, his sevenyear-
Last year's first-year daughter came home with lice many times.
"She had three times, I swear.
"She has a thick, curly, nightmare hair," Stewart said . "
City community in southeast Calgary.
"After the fact, I think I really didn't get rid of them for the first time, so they came back.
Stewart went to a pharmacy to buy a treatment for lice and was upset when the pharmacist told her not to bother Nix or some other anti-lice medicationlice brands.
"He said they were not working and the lice were used to it and tried something else," she said . ".
As the researchers wrote in The Journal of insects: "alternative ways to treat head lice infections are very necessary.
And more time.
Eliminate the consumption of head lice.
Kerry Bloom spent three hours picking live bugs, and the second time she took them home, she combed every detail from her daughter's thick hair.
But many parents don't want to spend their time.
Or have such a tendency.
To do this, outsourcing is coming.
You can go to specialized Lice Clinics, or call mobile lice removal services operating in seven provinces, including Alberta, Canada, such as the lice squad.
"Demand in Calgary has been growing," confirmed Dawn muci, founder of Lice Squad . ".
As these animals become more difficult to treat and spread to more families, the lice team is unable to keep up with demand, she said.
Mucci also doesn't like the word "super lice" because it stirs up a strong paranoia about a common problem.
"I don't want my parents to panic about it," said Mutch, whose son picked up lice at the daycare center and started the lice team in Toronto on 2002.
"I call them" smart licenses '--
They are just evolving and adapting.
They are just not very vulnerable to treatment from past work.
"Lice Squad uses an enzyme shampoo as a catalyst for dissolving organic matter, making it easier to remove live lice worms and their eggs instead of using pesticides.
The company also adopts the technology of reduction and combing (e. g.
Comb your hair thoroughly in one section to comb the lice and viable eggs)
And heat treatment.
"People don't want pesticides on their food, so why do they use them on their children's heads . " Mucci wants to know.
"The idea of a quick fix won't work.
"Outsourcing your head lice problem will speed up the elimination process, but it will cost you.
Professionals who are expected to pay around $75 an hour to treat you at the clinic or at home (
Typical treatment takes 1 to 2 hours).
"Most people do tend to outsource," says Mucci, though she notes that customers can spend the same amount of money buying test and treatment kits for the entire family (
Four to five people)
If they wanttreat.
In addition to promoting natural resistance
Lice ci aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding Lice that affect every social status family.
"Lice are a common human disease.
It won't go away, "she said.
"We need to be more proactive about this.
The upcoming season of lice "(
Cases surged in January and February when children came to Tuk and fur coat School)
, I will be ready when the tick notification starts over.
Then, in the first sign of the infection, I knew who I was going to call.
Sidebar: You Tube video: Jennifer Garner from Jimmy Fallon talks about head lice and lice myths
Courtesy Dawn Munch, the lice team and the CBE head lice release family lice treatment in three simple steps. If you choose to treat your child's lice, the monitor of the morning light Mucci lice recommends using natural methods instead of chemicals.
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