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May 27 (Reuters)-
Smart Ocean Systems Ltd: unit signed light boat charter contract with DSV IV EXPRESS BV FOR LONG-
Long term charter service for VOS.
Australia Ocean Limited signed a cooperation agreement with FUGRO Australia Ocean Limited
Full Article 1 (Reuters)-
Smart Marine Systems Ltd: a binding terms form has been entered into to acquire 100% of evolution subsea ltd.
CO will issue 100% shares at a price of 2 and get a 15 million gain. 2 CENTS EACH.
CO seeks to raise up to $2.
Operating capital 5 million.
Complete Article 21 (Reuters)-
Smart Ocean Systems Ltd: signed an agreement with noice industries, California.
Agree to cooperate in the application of professional safety monitoring on the intelligent buoy marine monitoring platform of co.
Full Article 4 (Reuters)-
Shark Mitigation Systems Co. , Ltd. : Announces a manufacturing license agreement with production company Boardlams of Southern California.
Protocol will accelerate rolling
SAMSTM, a vision technology from Shark Mitigation Systems, enters the large water sports market in the United States.
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