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smart meter fitting slows as deadline looms - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-23
smart meter fitting slows as deadline looms  -  smart
New data show that the speed at which smart meters are installed in British homes has declined.
Just a few days ago, the government insisted on achieving a strict installation target.
Smart meters must be installed by energy suppliers-
Avoiding the need for customer reading-
Every family by 2020.
Government data show that fewer devices were installed in the third quarter of this year than in the previous quarter.
Many organizations say the deadline for 2020 will be missed.
National Audit Office last week (NAO)
He said the government did not have "realistic prospects" before the deadline for installing smart meters ".
To achieve this, NAO said, installers need to replace the 39 million m old meter in the next two years.
In contrast, only 12 million has been replaced in the past six years.
Which consumer group?
In the next two years, the company said, large energy suppliers will need to install 31 smart meters per minute to replace the existing 46 million meters.
At present, there are only 8 large energy suppliers.
It says six metres a minute.
In response to the report of the National Audit Office, the government insisted on achieving this goal.
Energy minister Claire Perry said: "We have said that by the end of 2020, everyone will receive smart meters to get these benefits and we will fulfill this commitment.
"However, the latest data from her own department shows that in the third quarter of this year, large suppliers installed 495,400 natural gas and 632,600 electric smart meters.
Compared with the first three months, the decline was 10%.
The Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy says there are currently about 12.
In the UK, 8 million smart and advanced meters operate in homes and businesses.
The Smart Energy GB, which promotes smart meter technology, said suppliers are "working to provide smart meters to all families as soon as possible ".
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