smart meter roll out set for severe delays as energy firms told to slow down installations - smart

smart meter roll out set for severe delays as energy firms told to slow down installations - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-06
smart meter roll out set for severe delays as energy firms told to slow down installations  -  smart
As energy companies were told to slow installation due to equipment shortages, there will be serious delays in the introduction of government smart meters.
Industry insiders revealed that the number of people installed in their homes is expected to be "cliff edge" next month, because energy companies will not have enough new equipment.
Stylish equipment that matches the smart meter appointment.
According to the plan launched, energy companies must provide smart meters to every household in the UK by 2020, but the agency responsible for the promotion acknowledged that this will not happen now due to delays.
March from the old
12 million units have been installed at home, most of which will no longer have style meters installed.
But a new hi-
The technical version will be installed at home.
Although the old models have been plagued by problems, when consumers change suppliers, these problems cause them to lose their smart features, while the new models should be completely switchable.
However, due to technical problems with some new equipment, it will not be enough to continue to roll out as planned.
This is a big blow to the rollout, as it means that companies have to reduce the number of appointments with customers for smart meters.
Which is the consumer group in turn?
It has been warned that suppliers need to double the number of appointments they make to meet the government's deadline of 2020.
Industry insiders said that the proximity of the cliff side has caused confusion to the supplier's plan, and some suppliers have already used up their electricity meters.
Sources from a large company said: "There is not enough second-generation meters to move around.
At the moment, there is a massive scramble to try to catch them.
Tom Thorpe, a forward-looking metering company that provides smart meters to energy companies, said: "We advise all energy suppliers working with us that their promotion plans should be reduced.
Part of the reason for slowing down is to make sure we can follow the appointment.
Robert gishwright, director of corporate affairs at Smart Energy GB, said: "This launch can handle a lot of things, but now it's disappointing because of poor delivery.
"You don't need to be a mathematician to know that the launch will not be completed by the end of 2020.
"A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Energy And Industry Strategy declined to comment.
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