smart motorways are so dangerous ive considered leaving my job - smart-ITATOUCH-img

smart motorways are so dangerous i've considered leaving my job - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
smart motorways are so dangerous i\'ve considered leaving my job  -  smart
A group of lawmakers called for a review of the "Smart Highway", which activists believe is dangerous for drivers and recovery workers.
I approve and oppose them.
They can certainly work, but at the moment they are not safe enough for drivers and rehabilitation workers.
Bright lights will be displayed on Smart Highway
The Red Cross is in a closed lane when a fault occurs, but I see up to five drivers ignore them completely every minute.
I was recycling a car on m25 the other day.
There was an accident, so they actually closed the driveway outside.
The Red Cross has been established, but I have counted that at least 12 drivers in the world have passed the Red Cross without any care.
They did not slow down either.
This is the heart of the problem-
Red intersections on smart highways do not prohibit drivers from using closed lanes.
To significantly improve this issue and our safety, the recycled vehicle should flash a red beacon on it.
The road police and the police put them in their car and as far as I know they are no different from me.
Or at least, my safety is as important as theirs.
People slow down when the red light is on, and if they see the red light, they become more awake because they connect the red light with the emergency vehicle.
You are vulnerable on the highway, on 2017 three recovery drivers were killed at work, and on 2018 two drivers died in less than three weeks in Kent.
They are on the normal highway, but they could have been saved if they had a red light on their vehicle.
Because people will see red, they will slow down when they see danger.
The recovery operator will pay for its own red light, and no one will pay for it except the company itself.
I don't know why we're not allowed.
I came out on the all-weather highway, in the rain, in the strong wind, I went out during the day and at night.
It could be an extremely dangerous job.
The current situation in this industry is that no young people enter this industry.
This scares them into the industry because there is no protection against recovery drivers.
For smart highways and general highways
We are not protected on any highway.
Anyone can go and buy an orange light for their car, but they can't go and buy a red light.
I have a family. I want to stay here for a long time.
That's one of the reasons I even thought about leaving the industry.
When I go to a broken
On smart highways, it's often the Red Cross that protects me.
The Red Cross is clearly not enough and we need additional protection.
The government needs to allow recovery drivers who run red lights.
They did not consider the safety of me and my recovery driver.
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