smart tech engineer predicts five changes coming in 2019 in tech space for older adults - smart te

smart tech engineer predicts five changes coming in 2019 in tech space for older adults - smart tech

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-25
smart tech engineer predicts five changes coming in 2019 in tech space for older adults  -  smart tech
Kuldip Pabla says older people "don't like or don't want technology" is a misconception that this mistake alone leads to the development of older people's technology lagging behind younger people.
Pabla is senior vice president of K4Connect Engineering, a technology company that creates intelligent solutions for the elderly and the disabled.
So he put forward five projections, which he said we should expect to see in 2019 in the technical area of the elderly.
As the fastest growing population in the world
It is expected that the number of elderly people will reach 2 by 2050. 1 billion)
"Older people both need and want technology that is made specifically for them," said Pabla . ".
He's right, at least in terms of population aging and how to change the world.
According to the United Nations, "aging population will become one of the most important social changes in the 20 th century.
In the first century, which had an impact on almost all social sectors, including labor and financial markets, the demand for goods and services such as housing, transportation and social protection, the connection between family structure and two generations.
Here are the five ways that Pabla believes technology will change the lives of older people and others in 209:1.
Merger of senior staff
"In fact, the technology industry is lagging behind in attracting and serving the elderly market," said Pabla . ".
"During this period, this allows selling point products located in several niche suppliers or a single feature application for the elderly and the elderly living market.
"But this approach puts an unreasonable burden on senior managers and seniors to play the role of system integrators and support experts when trying to create enterprise solutions --
He said that this is a huge obstacle and cost for the elderly as well as caregivers, assisted living and independent living community operators and loved ones. "Imagine [CxO]
Company executives
There is a very small team working with more than 40 vendors to handle the digital transformation of their community, or with 10 applications or more and a variety of different smart devices, management life, problem analysis.
"It's not only an expensive method, it's also a time-consuming and confusing one.
"On the contrary, under the integration of real enterprise platforms and related suppliers, CxOs will need to deal with fewer suppliers in 2019, bringing more and more value and will eventually be seen in the view of Pabla, acceleration of space technology applications.
"The value creation of the community will not stop because these new integrated enterprise methods will also greatly improve the user experience and value creation of the elderly and residents.
During the 2019 period, we will see that the market is starting to integrate, with 360-
"The degree service around the residents will start to gain traction," he said . ".
The enterprise platform integrates multiple services from one or more vendors into a holistic solution that delivers a single and consistent user experience across services.
It enables customers to interact with a single vendor, eliminating many old systems and ultimately eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors.
It is important to note that although there are various applications (or products)
It seems like every day, says Pabla, few people are designed specifically for older people.
"Most of these applications may be complete on their own and can be used independently.
However, when they are integrated together, a better overall user experience can be provided.
In order to achieve this widely integrated solution, a well-architected platform plays a vital role.
Pabla provides some examples of the types of solutions that are usually different, but have the ability to unite in the elderly living community:
Community Calendar: each community regularly publishes daily, weekly and monthly calendars in various service areas including health, travel and entertainment.
Today, the community is using a variety of tools to create, print and publish these calendars, including design tools, word processors, slide creation, or other online services.
To make things more challenging, the community usually has to redesign due to the limited nature and age of many tools in the space
Enter data in a variety of programs to get the information, network, digital signage to print, or even a resident app or portal. b.
Catering Management: executives eventually manage up to 10 different restaurants and cafes in their community.
Keeping the menu, daily specials, bookings and special events up to date is a challenge.
As with community calendar management, we see a variety of tools and templates that are used to address the various parts of the workflow.
However, most communities are forced to do a lot of manual rework due to tool constraints. c.
Digital signage: like a hotel, there are multiple TV releases in the elderly community (
Announcements, calendars, events, daily specials, etc. ).
Digital Signage enables the community to manage and publish content to multiple screens at the same time. d.
Others include surveys, home/staff/resident Communications, resident catalogues, and requests for services (
Maintenance, room service, etc. ). 2.
The digital transformation of aged care has begun: nearly 50 million elderly people in the United States. S.
Nearly 1 billion people around the world
These figures are expected to grow significantly in the coming decades.
At the same time, there is a growing shortage of skilled workers to help meet the growing demand for caregivers.
"This growing shortage is one of the biggest potential global challenges we will face," said Pabla . ".
"To address the skilled labor gap in 2019 and beyond, CxO will seek technology to fill the gap.
It is clear that this is not a technology replacement work, but a technology solution that will provide caregivers with the ability to expand their impact.
This market reality will lead to a steady shift in hands. on labor-
The market for digital enhancement is also a market for high touch and high technology.
Those who undergo digital transformation will find an increase in job satisfaction and a decrease in turnover for caregivers, and the elderly living community will be able to archive, search and retrieve data to meet real-time audit and compliance requirements
Save time and effort to meet regulatory requirements.
Therefore, the goal is not to replace the labor force, but to use technology to provide more and more people with services for caregivers and staff.
"Reports of a global shortage of caregivers are emerging and we believe that technology will be a key part of the solution," said Pabla . ". 3.
The business model supported by new technologies, Pabla said: The business model of the senior living community has been developing for decades, but it has not "completely changed ".
"The hotel is equipped with buildings, facilities and services.
The business model itself has stalled to meet the needs of the next generation of residents, "he said.
"All this will change.
All technical support will accelerate in 2019 new models.
"Two good examples are the" CCRC without walls "and the" @ Home "project, which is the most talked about but rarely seen in practice.
The projects are based on solid logic, says Pabla.
"Communities tend to have overcapacity or economies of scale in services such as health, cooking, care and activities/programming.
"At the same time, many older people may want to continue living at home for longer periods of time," he said . ".
"Smart technology solutions such as smart home, smart health and smart life will serve the community, driving new revenue channels and expanding their impact by serving these new customers.
Leading communities know that they need to continue to grow and they know that technology will be the key to unlocking their potential. "4. Deeper end-to-
Terminal voice priority user experience: Although many studies have shown that technological adoption in the elderly market is growing at an unprecedented rate, many older people are still experiencing technical difficulties, pabla said, these technologies are usually designed for people who are decades younger than them.
But Pabla believes that "sound" is the solution to this problem.
He said: "in 2019, we will see that voice is becoming more and more popular among the elderly, because it can provide an easier, natural and deeper experience for interaction with technology.
"The 2019 voice solution in advanced life will be out of pilot mode and into full deployment.
The voice has come a long way in the past 25 years.
With the progress of machine learning algorithms, speech becomes very personalized.
Speech is used to identify and authenticate a person.
Older people may be old
Dry skin or vision problems cause related damage such as inability to use touch.
Voice can help the elderly overcome these obstacles.
In addition, speech provides a natural way of interaction without technical content.
"In addition, voice solutions require less training and provide a more natural interface, and they provide a real dialogue interface as voice models improve," said Pabla.
The convergence of voice and smart home, smart health, machine learning and related content will provide an excellent contextual user experience, he said, adding that, service providers and communities that will successfully use voice in 2019 will be service providers and communities focused on enterprise deployment, enterprise management, enterprise support, and enterprise analytics. 5.
Data and machine learning profiles for predictive analysis: with smart home technologies such as lights and thermostats already reaching the hearts of the elderly and families in the elderly living community, pabla said, the next step will be to predict health care.
He said: "In the coming year this will be mostly a manual way to predict by associating data from different sources, however, over time it will be an algorithm
For example, linking the food you eat with fluctuations in sleep patterns and life statistics can predict what will happen and how to avoid it.
"Specifically, the elderly living community, home care and medical institutions, and even insurance companies, will be interested in predictive medical care as it will help them anticipate and avoid (or delay)
"The upcoming health events have been empowering older people to live a richer and more positive life," he said . ".
Although these technologies
Including the Internet of Things (IoT)
Pabla said he believes 2019 of people will see an increase in overall usage.
"The Internet of Things has been in one form or another for more than 20 years," he said . ".
"OSGi, Java embedded servers, Jini, and JXTA are all agents of IoT, home automation, and industrial automation.
However, there are two problems: limited inter-operability, and generally there is no killer application, especially for the elderly market.
Even if anything exists, they are point products that are not easy to use and are often not integrated due to incompatible protocols.
Pabla said: "In contrast, in 2019, the power of enterprise platforms will see the integration of these technologies to provide an overall solution for the integration of voice, machine learning and contextual content.
"The platform approach will provide a better user experience by understanding individual needs and overcoming age-related barriers.
But how can people afford it?
According to Pabla, various key factors have made this particular moment in history a breakthrough --
Time Out in terms of affordability.
That's why: Pabla says he realizes there are always people who are not interested in new technologies or are concerned about the coverage of new technologies.
Nevertheless, he said, from helping caregivers provide better care, to helping family caregivers manage caring for loved ones, "It's hard for me to believe, given the changes in population structure, he said: "The upcoming shortage of caregivers and the technological advances we can't see here. ".
"In fact, we have seen that today.
The Apple Watch allows users to use EKG.
They can share with nursing professionals if they wish.
By predicting whether the elderly will be ill or have an opportunity for chronic problems, measures can be taken in advance to prevent.
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