smart technology could make cities safer and cleaner, research says - smart technologies-ITATOUCH

smart technology could make cities safer and cleaner, research says - smart technologies

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-02
smart technology could make cities safer and cleaner, research says  -  smart technologies
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
Cities can use smart technologies such as real-
Time crime maps and smart traffic signals, researchers said on Thursday. Cutting-
The McKinsey Global Institute report says marginal tools will help reduce crime, commuting time, and mortality, which analyzes the use of smart technology in 50 cities around the world.
Advanced intelligent solutions can monitor events in real time using data and digital technology, observe pattern changes, and respond quickly at lower costs, the report said. Real-
The study found that time crime maps could reduce burglary and attacks by 40% as police were able to respond more quickly.
In Latin America, the highest murder rate in the world can be used in such hi-
McKinsey's partner, Jaana Remes, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that technical tools can predict crime, such as gun-sounding detection and predictive policing.
"Cities just touch the surface of all the creative ways they use data and digital technology to re-invent the way they provide services," she said . ".
Rio has been experimenting with such safety applications.
Moscow, she said, has installed thousands of cameras and smart traffic signals that can shorten critical seconds for ambulances to emergency sites and speed up response times by up to 35%.
According to the report, intelligent technology in the field of health care includes digital telemedicine, which can host consultation through video conferencing, which is a solution to solve the shortage of doctors in the city.
It says that remote patient monitoring equipment can take important readings and send them to doctors for evaluation, which helps to reduce the number of people hospitalized.
Singapore and Tokyo are expanding the use of such devices in response to an aging population, says Remes.
According to reports, air pollution is estimated to cause more than 3 million premature deaths each year, and if cities use dynamic electricity prices and charge higher consumer prices at peak demand, air pollution may drop by nearly 15%.
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