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smart technology empowers children to engage in running the home - smart tech

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-25
smart technology empowers children to engage in running the home  -  smart tech
My family has been weighing on different smart home options for the past year, and soI is keen to try Nest products.
It offers a range of different options, but the key features we want to improve for my family are our heating control and doorbell.
I had expected additional technology to add some efficiency and ease of control to our family.
I haven't explained how it makes my child play a more active role in deciding and controlling how we run our family.
The heating system replaces our aging mechanical clock, which can only switch between two temperatures and does not let us heat when needed.
The engineer installed the Nest solution in about 30 minutes, but the interference was minimal.
I think I may need to update my old heating boiler but it plugged in directly without any problems.
Nest's dial-up control allows you to quickly view the current temperature of the house and set the heating level.
In addition, it shows the time of day, the external temperature, and a range of other options.
For families, this means that Asus's parents can also be responsible for heating.
If they get up early and the house is cold, it's easy for them to adjust now.
The real smart aspect of nest heating is related to the app and how it understands your heating requirements.
After a few days of use, I noticed that we had little access to the controls and instead set the temperature as per our requirements.
This is because Nest does its best to predict in advance how much heat you need.
One of the tips we found to help with calibration is that if the control is installed during a warm period, reset the control.
The smart settings will get more attention in the first few weeks, so it's a bit stuck.
But once it gets cold, it will meet our needs faster.
In addition, you can set Nest according to the location of your phone to detect when you are not at home.
I did it at first, but then I realized that when I went to work I would automatically turn off the heating.
As you can imagine, while this saves some money, it doesn't get along well with other family members.
You can adjust the auto-generated heating settings in the Nest app, but I find we really don't need to do that.
Still, one of my favorite apps to control heating is to be able to give it a lift from bed on a lazy Sunday morning.
Another product we have been trying is the Nest doorbell.
This replaces your normal ring tone with a small button and camera unit.
Not only will this send you a notification when someone rings the bell, it will also let you know if someone comes to deliver the goods.
This is useful for our family as our daughter is now as old as she can sit by her baby.
When we go out to eat, it is a real thing to be able to see who comes to the door.
We can also reply to callers via voice or pre-app
Information recorded.
An unexpected benefit is the resolution of the argument about who is late.
Because Nest Records everyone found by it, we can immediately see who goes out to school on time and who is behind.
As with any smart device, it's worth noting that you need to work on getting it to work for your family the way you want it.
It took us a few weeks to get the Nest set-
We do what we want, but without it, we won't succeed.
We have not missed any delivery since the doorbell was installed and the kids are no longer late.
Heating off also saves money when we are not at home (
Then open again for our return).
Using these smart devices is early for our families, but early signs are definitely positive.
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