smart waste management system at gift city | ahmedabad news - times of india - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
smart waste management system at gift city | ahmedabad news - times of india  -  what is a smart board
AHMEDABAD: an important aspect of smart cities is sustainable and environment-friendly systems.
International financial Technology City, Gujarat (GIFT)
Moving towards that goal.
GIFT City is using Swiss technology to build an intelligent solid waste management system where garbage will be treated with minimal human interference.
Not only that, the waste will be recycled to make organic fertilizers and generate electricity consumed in the gift city itself.
The solid waste in the tower will be delivered using a vacuum suction pipe to a waste collection center about 2 km kilometers from the building.
Waste will be transported at a speed of 110
The network of underground pipes is 140 km kilometers per hour.
The speed and direction of the waste will be controlled by a fully computerized console.
The trial run of the automatic garbage disposal system was recently held in GIFT City.
"The trial run was successful.
Based on the results of this trial run, further improvements will be made, "said general manager of GIFT City Ramakant Jha.
Solid waste will be divided into organic waste and non-organic waste, he explained. organic waste.
The organic waste will be sent to the vermic worm treatment unit, where it will be used to make fertilizer, which will in turn be used in gardens and plantations within the city, Jha added.
"Use plasma technology to burn inorganic waste," he said . ".
The initial capacity of the incinerator will be 50 tons per day, which will gradually increase to 400 tons per day as the occupancy rate increases.
The energy from the incinerator will be used to generate heat energy for consumption in the city.
The Gujarat City Development Department is also negotiating with Swiss companies to install the system in Sector 21 of gandanagar as a pilot project.
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