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'smartpen' impressive, but lacks key feature - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-24
\'smartpen\' impressive, but lacks  key feature  -  digital pen and pad
A little thicker than normal ink
Prompt pen, black Livescribe Echo record everything it writes or hears.
For the former, whatever you write or draw on a special lined sheet (50-
Notebook included)
The Pen "remembers" and when connected via a bundled micro USB cable, the pen is digitally transferred to your PC or Mac.
In other words, once synced, what you see on paper will be the same as the digital page on your computer.
A miniature camera near the ink tip at the bottom of the pen reads "small dots" on the paper"-
The human eye can barely see-this is something that tracks everything you write down.
In addition, these notebooks have other features on the front and back, such as Calculator, time and date, battery life and other information you can "touch" with a pen ", then hear and/or read on the OLED screen.
Thanks to the construction of the pen
In the microphone and memory, it can also record the sounds you hear, whether it's your own words, meeting rooms, nearby teachers or professors, etc.
Just click on the "record" icon at the bottom of each page to start recording.
There are icons for playing recorded audio as well, in addition, you can jump to different tracks and even adjust the playback speed.
So when you turn back a few pages to read some notes, when you click to listen to the audio, this will be what you recorded on this page.
Given how small the device is and the audio is very clear, you can hear it for private listening through the pen's speakers or headphones (not included).
What is even more annoying, however, is that your handwritten notes do not have the text of the document processed by the transcript.
This very convenient feature can be found in cheaper "smartpen" products launched in the past, such as Logitech's io2 digital pen ($150)
And the flying Fusion pen for the children ($80).
Instead, you have to buy the MyScript app for $30 from the Livescribe app store.
Sorry, this is five cents. and-
The $220 pen should have this feature built in --in.
Other optional applications include language translation, dictionaries, games, etc.
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