smile a while: tête-à-tête with cartoonist mrityunjay chiluveru - wacom-ITATOUCH-img

smile a while: tête-à-tête with cartoonist mrityunjay chiluveru - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
smile a while: tête-à-tête with cartoonist mrityunjay chiluveru  -  wacom
A bleeding foot pulled out like a fist, symbolizing the farmer's recent 200-kilometer march, demanding a loan waiver. Another comic, in the context of the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, the pen was stronger than the gun, a century later, the comics that Donald Trump celebrated around the globe and Virat Corey are some of the highlights behind the smile.
The ongoing cartoon exhibition features a series of comics and comics covering different topics.
The exhibition will be on display at the Indian cartoonist Institute at MG Road until September 22.
Speaking of the exhibition, Mr. ityunjay said, "When I won the Maya Kamath award a few months ago, I have shown my work to VG Narendra, IIC's managing trustee.
He impressed me and offered to show my work at the Indian Cartoon Gallery.
The gallery is dedicated to promoting and protecting cartoonists and cartoonists in India.
I cover a range of topics in comics and comics.
My personal favorite is the people and cartoons who deal with the peasant protests, and in the context of the Paris Charlie Weekly attack, a pencil prevented the trigger of the terrorist's gun, a few years ago.
"The ability to express any situation with humorous elements is the most important skill for cartoonists.
Mr. Ityunjay added, "it is not enough to have painting skills alone.
In fact, painting is secondary.
From the comics of Albert Hershfield to the contemporary works of the January S, there has been a great development of comics and comics.
I was deeply impressed by Hirschfeld's comics.
I think they can capture personality with black and white lines.
Mr. Ityunjay, reviewing his journey into the world of comics and cartoons on the wall, said, "I used to paint portraits of political leaders on kitchen walls when I was a child, with Ashes hanging on the wall.
The wall was dark because my mom used a wooden stove.
My upgraded Wacom digital artboard didn't have fun with the black kitchen walls.
My father gave me a lot of inspiration.
He is a textile artist.
My house used to be full of colors, paper, sketchpens and pencils.
"Technology has changed the comics," he noted.
Like many others, I have stopped using ink, brushes and paper.
Comics have changed from paper to digital.
In fact, we can draw almost from anywhere.
However, technology is only helpful in comic technology, not the original creativity of cartoonist.
Mr Ityunjay believes that cartoonist's skill depends on the ability to find humor in any case.
"Some cartoonists may have some strong political tendencies, but for me the cartoonist is not bound by any particular image.
I have seen American cartoonist Darryl Cargle.
Political comics are not as popular as celebrity comics, he said.
He said the cartoon on Janet Jackson's jacket will be more popular than the cartoon in Syria.
This is the reality of the world we live in.
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