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snow scene notes: jan. 17, 2019 - interactive whiteboard activities

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-30
snow scene notes: jan. 17, 2019  -  interactive whiteboard activities
Legally speaking, Lake Lucite is one of the necessary Lakes
View annual events in the Canadian Rockies.
Wednesday officially marked the start of the annual Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise.
Run from January. 16-
On the 27 th, the annual Ice and Snow Festival brought some of the world's best ice sculptures to town to compete in the Fairmont Lake Louise Castle.
However, this is not all that happens by the lake, as the resort will celebrate FIS World Snow Day this weekend and offer free lift tickets for children under the age of 12 to buy adult lift tickets.
There is also a lot of snow here as the resort has been hit by 8 cm in the past week and has had 397 cm of snow so far this season.
@ Skilouise sunshine house if you are going to go to the country in winter, you have to learn about the safety of avalanches.
There are really no two ways to do this.
That's why Sunshine Village is going to be big this weekend with interactive activities and lots of information designed to help guests have fun, learn all the ways they stay safe while traveling make the most of all the country magic that the Canadian Rockies offer in winter.
The Sun saw 3 cm of the new snow fall on the hillside last week, which has brought the total number of seasons to 382 cm since the beginning of the season.
@ SunshineVillage NorquayIf you are like me, you enjoy a little ski fun before spending the day on the mountain.
The good guys at Noki understand this and they have put a variety of activities on the winter schedule.
They will hold a Scotch whisky this Saturday.
Taste on the lonely pine tree and have an Apres trivia night a week later.
This is the perfect way to finish the powder-
On a crowded day, Norquay received 1 cm of snow in the past week, bringing the season to 136 cm. .
@ MtNorquay NakiskaOnce the Canadian ski and snowboard community comes together every year to celebrate everything so special about Alpine sports.
January is the national ski and snowboard day this year.
26 & 27, discount tickets for resorts across the country, including Nakiska.
Tickets need to be purchased in advance and online, but by purchasing tickets, you will support the Canadian ski and snowboard team designed to get their athletes on the podium.
Nakiska should also have a lot of snow, as the Kananaskis resort has been hit by 8 cm in the last seven days alone, with a total rainfall of 183 cm this season.
@ SkiNakiska COP to be honest, Winsport has a lot to do this winter-almost too much, really.
Mount Calgary is the hive of Alpine events in the coming weeks as it hosts the January Canadian snowboard half-tube and slopstyle final. 26-
On the 27 th, preparations began for the FIS Freeski and snowboard World Cup semi-tube competition held on February. 15-
And the February IBSF World Cup sled and skeleton event. 22-24.
The Canadian Olympic Park may be known for teaching countless Calgary Asians skiing and snowboarding, but it is always worth remembering and is the place where the best athletes in the world take part in the competition.
If you are lucky enough to play on last year's free world tour, you are likely to have circled this year's event on your calendar.
In more than two weeks, the golden B. C.
The resort will once again usher in the world's best big-
Mountain skiers are the only North American station on this trip, and they can see skiers and snowboarders coming up and down from some of the world's most challenging Alpine faces.
This is an exciting scene. This year's competition is scheduled for February. 2-8.
It looks like there should also be a lot of powder to tear, as 10 cm of the fresh snow has covered the mountain in the last seven days, making the whole season an awesome 518 cm.
@ KickingHorseMTN Castle Hill when you get as much snow as Castle Hill, it's natural that you get snow in the spirit of celebrating World Snow Day.
The Southern Alberta resort offers free green chair tickets for guests of all ages, which means that new skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of all the learning areas, snow School coaches will bike through the area to provide informal and cost-effective services
Free instruction.
Castle Hill has seen 14 cm of the new snow in the past week and 373 cm of the new snow so far this season.
@ SkiCastle PanoramaSo so far, 2019 is good for people who tear down slopes on Panorama.
After being injured by 50 cm of snow a week ago, it was because of Vermeer B. C.
Over the past seven days, sales at the resort have reached £ 3 cm, bringing the entire season to £ 322 cm.
They are also very busy at the resort, and Panorama will host syndicate rock star Rail Jam on Saturday, as well as the ladies ski Series weekend on Saturday and Sunday, women can arrange some skills work for them during these two days.
In addition, the rock star Syndicate (Rockstar) Railway Jam will be held on Saturday to hold competitions for skiers and snowboarders.
@ Kimberamaresort ley for most Calgary Asians traveling to Kimberley means you may want to stay for one night to maximize the time to tear BC. mountain.
The good news is that Kimberly will offer a ton of ski and accommodation packages this winter, where the longer you stay, there will be a big discount.
For example, staying for four nights, Kimberly offers you the last night for free-we all know you won't want to leave.
Over the past week, the resort has been hit by 12 cm of fresh snow, bringing the season to 233 cm.
This is an epic winter in restock.
Since the resort opened, it feels like snow God has delivered blizzard after blizzard. The B. C.
Over the past week, the mountain has seen 8 cm of fluffy white objects fall, and the rainfall throughout the season has reached an absolutely crazy 669 cm.
This is as much snow as you can find anywhere in the Canadian Rockies, good luck and everywhere you can find a resort that matches this total.
@ Revellememtn Big white for the past seven years, Big White has hosted some of the best snowboarders in the world every year, when it hosts the World Snowboard World Cup.
This year's event was held in February. 3-
Athletes from all over the world come to Kelowna to compete. C. , resort.
They will certainly also be welcomed by a ton of snow as the great white shark has been hit by 4 cm in the past week and 328 cm so far this season.
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