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> sports> leagues and sports> nhl> sharks _____ free e-mail newsletters _____  -  smart board 880
On Sunday, May 9, 2004, Steve fainaru, staff member of the Washington Post, reported;
San Jose-Page E01-
One of the most valuable players for the amazing San Jose shark is 60-
For the team's coaches, the pound-heavy trunk is called a "counter-fighter" and they have to drag it around North America for most of the eight months.
The black suitcase sat upright in the shark's practice facility last week and looked completely harmless until assistant coach Tim Hunt turned it on to show what it was about: two DVD recorders, two video recorders, one
Large digital libraries of screens, cables, wires, adapters and recent NHL actions.
The trunk is the latest performance of coach Ron Wilson's technical mania, designed by coach.
Wilson is already a self.
He described "techno freak" as coaching the Washington capital from 1997 to 2002, but he was fully integrated into the elements of Silicon Valley, and the software he used in team meetings was produced on the street.
"I use FileMaker Pro," Wilson said . " He refers to a database software program.
"FileMaker Pro is right in Santa Clara.
They can't believe what I do with it.
They think it's cool that sports like hockey are actually using it, not accounting projects or banking projects.
"Wilson's innovative app has pushed the Sharks into the Western Conference finals, the series against the world's number one sharks.
From here on Sunday afternoon, the Calgary seed fire.
The franchise that fired its head coach last year (
Coincidentally, Daryl Sutter, now in Calgary)
Missed the playoffs and built the Stanley Cup contender around a group of defensive players --
A scrapbook with ideas, none of which has the status of Jaromir Jagr.
The Sharks ranked second in the West for 104 points of the regular season, second only to Detroit's 109 points, tied for third with Boston.
Wilson's expanding technology inventory includes a computer database he designed, as well as multi-dimensional reconnaissance reports that appear with the advent of video.
Wilson conducts team meetings around an interactive smart board that uses streaming video and Telegram and allows him to move player templates with his fingers.
In addition to the "bench monitor" he used in Washington, Wilson carried a tablet during the game to capture statistics in real time.
Wilson said it took the shark six hours.
Their technology has been upgraded this year.
It includes streaming video software for itself, two assistants and a video coordinator, which Hunter says can run for $20,000.
Wilson and his assistant sometimes stitch up inspirational movie clips. -
A stadium scene in Gladiator is an example of this season ---
Custom videos, sometimes clips for individual players.
Wilson said he used his growing database to "break the game down into our own numbers and come up with something that basically supports my own crazy theory of winning ".
Hunter explained that the tailgate trunk was meant to be "portable ".
"We hope to be able ---
On the bus, on the plane, in the room of our hotel-
Look at our game, look at our opponents, and analyze our opponents.
"People will ask if you need all this stuff, is this a blackboard that isn't good enough," Hunt added ? " Hunter coached with Wilson in Washington.
"But if you go to a corporate meeting at IBM or Microsoft, they don't use the blackboard to show their demo.
They are using state-of-the-art technology.
We are professional operators.
This is the way we handle things.
The result is a "profit model "---
Another Gulf area team in the NHL version is on Interstate 880: Oakland track and field.
The team has neither a big TV contract nor an income.
Today, the palace that produces Major League Baseball relies heavily on statistical analysis to tap previously unrecognized talent.
Last year, Michael Lewis's best-selling book, money ball, made this philosophy famous all over the world.
Wilson said he found Lewis's book interesting because I did something similar in hockey for 10 years.
"Wilson's approach initially worked in Washington, where he played in the Stanley Cup final in the first season.
Five years later, his term ended as the team failed to make the playoffs after the acquisition of Jagger.
Wilson is just one of the victims of higher expectations brought about by Jagger's arrival.
The winger was traded to the New York Rangers in January.
Wilson said Captain Ted leonses "did the right thing to chase players like Jaromir Jagr.
But Wilson said the move turned the hats into a dysfunctional "sad sack family" that elevated Jagger's position and damaged the rest of the team.
"Jaromir Jagr is famous for being a coach --
This is a very accurate killer, "said Wilson.
"I mean, I'm not going to make any comments there.
I think he has one or two coaches a year and he makes it difficult not only for me but for [this guy]Bruce Cassidy]
He came after me and the whole organization.
When you end up with a player who is bigger than the team, you are in serious trouble.
"Wilson's relationship with the capital is still good.
Leonsis said in an email
He recommended Wilson's mail to work in San Jose.
"I told the boss there that he was a great coach ---a fine man --
And a great hockey leader.
He added: "Ron is always ahead of his peers in using technology to gain a competitive advantage. . . .
I'm sure he works in pig paradise in Silicon Valley and applies technology to his team.
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