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st. agnes school in clark may stay open after all - smart electronic whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-18
st. agnes school in clark may stay open after all  -  smart electronic whiteboard
Parents keep holy.
The Agnes Roman Catholic school opened by Clark received good news on Tuesday night, and the parish priest agreed that the school could continue to open if the number of students enrolled increased.
Decision by St. to close the school
On January, the news was announced by Dennis Cohan, minister of Agnes Parish approved by Newark parish. 7.
This is the first school closure announced this year after 10 schools around the parish were closed or merged last year. .
Administrator of St
Agnes told parents in January that the parish approved the closure after falling from about 200 students to 133 students in the past two years.
But parents opposed the closure, noting that the number of previous admissions at the school had increased from a lower number of 1990.
During the past two weeks, parents have held open days and sanctified for "saving.
Agnes School Limited
They said they had 140 students enrolled.
In order to keep the school open, 10 more students are required to meet the goal of 150 kindergartens --
A parish spokesman, Jim Good, said that by March 15, students in grade eight.
He said tuition fees also need to be raised. “(Cohan)
Just want the kids to sit in their seats. . . .
He gave us a reasonable number, "said parent Jimmy tzwebel, a member of the parent committee that organizes efforts to keep schools open.
"He worked with us and he gave us a good opportunity to keep the school open and that's what we wanted.
In the past month, parents have raised $40,000 to help save schools, zweiel said. And convince parents of at least 10 new students to let them in next year if the school stays open.
The next step will include promotions and private tours, said Zweibel.
Kim Broadwell, head of the family School Association, said last month that parents are marketing schools by holding open days.
There's a lot to offer in the school, says Broadwell, including a large, recently built wing and seven new high wings
The technology "intelligent board" of interactive electronic whiteboard ".
Yesterday, Goodness said parents had a chance to revive the school, but they had to go beyond the target of 150 students next year.
"The idea of cultivating 200 or more students is really the goal here," said Goodness . ".
Parents say they are ready to meet the challenge of making the school develop forever.
"We don't want it to be open for a year," Zwiebel said . ".
"We hope to remain open for the next 25, 50, and hundreds of years.
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