st augustines finds out how smart each student is | faith matters - what is a smart board-ITATOUCH

st. augustine's finds out how smart each student is | faith matters - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-28
st. augustine\'s finds out how smart each student is | faith matters  -  what is a smart board
The Augustine School in United City believes that every student has multiple intelligences.
It tests each student once a year to measure Sr.
Principal Lilian Shalok said, "their strengths, their wisdom.
"I met with their eight senior students to learn how smart each of them is. Sixth-
Roger Diaz, a grade student, said: "I'm smart.
Union City resident added that he is good at painting and crafts, "I did better by learning painting . ".
Year 7 student Julia Oakley from United City is good at sports and also a self
Describes the "body movement.
She likes school sports and is good at track and field sports.
The problem of inorganic analysis in Maialen.
"There are different types of people, and you don't have to be like everyone else," said a sixth grader from Weehawken . ".
Because every student has something to offer, the students help each other.
For Sharrock, this approach by Harvard educator Howard Gardiner has changed the school, marking its 125 anniversary this year.
It is also fortunate to have a team of Charity sisters who have spent decades at school.
Sherlock, a native of the city of San Jose.
Bridget has been in her 52 years of charity for 40 years. Sr.
Johanna Kunto is an alliance City native who has lived there for 42 years and is currently vice president and director of development.
Both were affected and directed by the late Sr.
Roberta O'Shea, her entire religious career-50 years --
In a school
She guided it from a place dominated by Irish people.
Almost all of them are now Hispanic American student groups.
However, they offer Spanish at all levels.
Liz Garcia, a sixth-grade student from North Bergen, said: "We know this, but it makes it easier to write and pronounce.
"Pre-nearly 200 studentskindergarten (aged 3 and up)
Starting in the eighth grade, 99% Catholics and hail from North Hudson.
Tuition is $4,450 for a child, and the real challenge is to provide scholarship assistance for families who enroll their children.
Four years ago, Quinto started the annual scholarship dinner, raising more than $30,000 a year, which is a big difference.
"These families need a lot of help.
This year, they pursued the Honorable Mary garbaldi.
Time for school and charity sisters parish residents and supporters.
The sisters worked hard to maintain admission and help.
Trailing Quinto and Sharrock from building 1891 to building 1957 and back can be exhausting.
They are two people who are passionate about their students. Dr.
Joan Walters, who is also the sister of the charity, is the chairman of the department of education at St.
Elizabeth is the academic director.
The staff are very dedicated, including alumni.
Rose Cemelli, a basic skills teacher, said: "We have a family here and we have been here to serve them.
"There are a lot of extra-curricular activities in which every student is involved.
The most ambitious is a band with more than 40 members, rehearsing every Friday.
There is an experienced level and a beginner who learns. Sixth-
Liz Garcia, a first-year student from North Bergen, played the instruments they played: flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, drum and violin.
They paid their tuition and then gave a spring concert.
James Ramos, a seventh-grade student from United City, mentioned the National Association of honorary Higher students.
On next September, David Carrera, who traveled to Hudson's Catholic wihoken, belongs to the Peace Club, which collects food for hungry people and raises funds for an African child they adopted.
The school has two state-of-the-art science labs and a computer center.
"Every teacher has a smart board and we learn through technology," said Starr Castellon, a sixth-grade student from North Bergen . ".
The main focus is religion.
While I was there, the students were practicing passion in the church attached to the school.
Earlier this month, Archbishop Bernard Herda presided over the mass of their 125 th anniversary, and all the students agreed, "he is fine.
"You will feel that this is a school where students learn, grow and get along well.
"I like the approach of multi-intelligence," said sixth Anne Zambrano.
Grade students in North Bergen
"Everyone is smart even if they don't know. " At St.
Augustine, they do so, which makes a difference. The Rev.
Alexander Santola is the pastor of Our elegant Saint-daughter Church.
Joseph, 400 Willow Avenue
, Hoboken, 07030, fax (201)659-5833, e-
Email: padrealex @ yahoocom;
Twitter @ padrehobokenF. Y. I.
Content: Holy.
United City Augustine School
Time: Wednesday, April 27 at 6: 30. m.
Location: The wooden ridge carnival.
Details: Mo Pai, Roberta Oxia, Sister Hui, S. C.
Scholarship Fund
$125 per ticket.
For information, please contact sister Johanna Kunto at 201-865-5319.
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