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stanley hospital launches hi-tech virtual classroom - smart board for home

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-01
stanley hospital launches hi-tech virtual classroom  -  smart board for home
The Stanley School of Medicine of the government plans to set up virtual classrooms for students.
Last week, the college opened its first virtual classroom for ENT students.
"We installed a 'smart board' in The ENT outpatient auditorium '.
It includes a huge touch screen connected to the computer.
We can write on it with a marker pen, like on a traditional blackboard, or use a marker pen as a touch screen, record lectures, view PowerPoint presentations and play videos.
This is to strengthen the teaching of the department . "
Balasubramanian, head of department, Ent.
Smart classrooms are built at the expense of Rs.
He said.
"Using this technology, we can play a lecture for students in another hall in one hall.
The Dean has taken some measures to improve
"Speed up internet connectivity and bring online courses to the college," he said . ". Dean S.
Geethalakshmi said they also plan to set up virtual classrooms in other departments of the college.
"Our number of students has increased from 150 to 250 this year.
"Building smart classrooms will benefit undergraduates and graduate students," she said . ".
ENT Wikipedia has also launched the offline resources of ENT Wikipedia.
"We have created the ENT Wikipedia that will run offline.
It includes a portable version that can be downloaded using a pen drive or a DVD installation version, "Dr.
He said that the department consists of all ENT resources and provides the software free of charge for ENT graduate students in government and private medical schools.
Seminar on biomedical waste as part of the National Student Corps (NCC)
In the week of November 17-24, NCC, TN medical unit of the government Stanley medical school B, held a biomedical waste management seminar on Friday.
The dean said hospital staff were instructed to separate hospital waste
General waste, sharp objects, infectious waste and anatomical waste-at source.
Waste shall be removed from the site of production within 48 hours and disposed safely in a specific manner.
Such workshops will be extended to doctors and other staff at the hospital, she said. R.
Selvi, head of the microbiology department, said the offence would be punishable by imprisonment and punishment.
Colonel Biswajith Ghosh, 1 commander, TN medical unit, Deputy Mary Lily
The principal of the college and M.
Vijaykanth, deputy NCC Officer of the college, also attended the seminar.
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