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stories in stone - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-10
stories in stone  -  drawing pad
Master Ganesh Bhatt, the sculptor, said: "Courage is not only spiritual mastery, but also physical mastery . " He pointed to a stone statue depicting a man standing on an elephant riding a lion.
"Human form has the ability to rise to the nature of elephants or lions ".
Collection in 500-year-
Old Kote Venkateshwara Temple, a temple walk organized by Bimba Art Ashram, the participants of the tour listen to Bhatt as we stand outside the main shrine and marvel
Ganesh told us about the procedures involved in temple buildings.
"It's not just a random building.
The structure and foundation of the temple depends on God and energy.
The sculpture of the ancient temple has been considered ". The co-
Founder of T. Bimba
Deepak, who was also present, said: "Shikhara (
Rising roof above the main shrine)
Let you look up to the sky and see the light.
This allows you to truly feel your spiritual space and absorb energy ".
After we walked around the temple, we continued to sit in a corner where Ganesh told us about the building of the temple.
He turned out a drawing board, drew the layout of the whole temple in an impressive two minutes, and explained the alignment of the elements.
According to Deepak, "The Temple celebrates our historic heritage.
First we know, then we appreciate, then we appreciate, then we celebrate.
Every temple has its story.
Very beautiful ".
Ganesh said: "I started carving when I was 16.
From a pastor family, I always associate worship with sculpture and have a deep understanding of what is inside and outside the shrine.
However, he felt that such a sculpture had lost its value today.
"Unfortunately, foreign tourists are interested in our ancient sculpture, and we don't know anything about it," he said.
Soon you will only see these traditional styles in the museum.
"The Bimba Art Retreat Centre hopes to organize more such walks in various temples with Bhatt as part of their temple collection.
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