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sub 1k convertible tablet launched - best tablet for sketching

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-18
sub 1k convertible tablet launched  -  best tablet for sketching
The SNS network behind Malaysia's first tablet brand has a budget-
The price is only rm899 friendly tablet.
Ko Yun Hung, general manager of SNS network, said: "The lack of affordable Windows 10 tablets for entry-level tablets in Malaysia has led to the birth of JOI 11 tablets . ".
Its main selling point is 2-in-
1 form factor that allows it to be used as a tablet or laptop by connecting the keyboard to a tablet or laptop. The 10.
The goal of the 8in tablet is for students or someone looking for a second device.
On the other hand, stylus support means that users can purchase optional active pens for sketching and notes, although at an affordable price, JOI 11 is also one of the few tablets that can run on both operating systems.
It can run on Windows 10 or Android 5. 1 Lollipop.
Quad-core Intel Atom X5 for tablets-
The X83 50 processor with 4 gb ram, a relatively large 8,400 mAh battery, can last six or eight hours for a single charge.
The storage space is 32 gb.
Those who prefer can easily scale to 128 GB with a microSD card.
The extra accessories, the movable pen, are priced at RM99, while the metal keyboard and leather keyboard are priced at RM249 and RM199, respectively.
Interested can now pre-
Order tablets at the company's Gloo retail stores in Aeon and Aeon malls.
Or, online pre-
Orders can be made on the official website of Gloo or at the Gloo store on the online marketplace 11st.
Top 100 customers pre-
After ordering, it will get a Kingston 32 gb microSD card for free.
At the event, two Avengers-branded laptops were also launched, namely, AVR10T and avrankt in Hong Kong-based E-
Huge Technology Ltd, the prices are RM1, 249 and RM1, 449, respectively.
AVR10T features 10. 1in HD (
1,280x800 pixels)
Display, 4 gb memory and 64 gb storage (
Extended to 64 gb with microSD).
The implementation of the avrymt. 6in HD (
1,366x768 pixels)
Display, 4 gb memory and 32 gb internal storage (
Extended to 64 gb with microSD).
The laptop is decorated with limited edition vinyl stickers and themes from Marvel's superhero collection.
Windows 10 Home is pre-installed on both.
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