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suchi ahvana - an interactive smart dustbin - smart interactive

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
suchi ahvana - an interactive smart dustbin  -  smart interactive
Despite the appearance of the bins, the bins occupy a critical position in any waste management narrative.
Bin technology, on the one hand, is in the interface of private life and family practice, on the other hand, in the interface of public health and environmental management, it provides an indicator to reveal the relationship between waste in society.
In describing the critical moment in the history of domestic garbage bins, from the ash pit privy council in the year 00 s to the normalization of movable metal boxes in the year 00 s to the development of contemporary garbage bins technology, including the "waste" wheel box and the diversified recycling box, we tracked the meaning of waste, and the boundaries of its public and private management are constantly changing over time.
There are many reasons why all kinds of people throw garbage.
There are many theories about what can stop people from littering.
Conduct a survey to understand people's views on the statistics of the same questionnaire: 75% people have problems with the garbage bin system currently used. 82.
14% people like closed bins with activity covers. 85.
According to 71% people, the implementation of the feedback system will improve the efficiency of garbage bins. 82.
36% people believed that the implementation of rules and regulations would help to minimize the problem of littering.
According to 75% people, the human way of thinking is the reason why the frequency of use of garbage bins is reduced.
80% think that garbage around the bin is one of the main problems.
It is concluded from the survey that the design will attract people compared to the existing design and reduce the spread of garbage around the bin.
The name "Suchi Ahvana" in Sanskrit means "evocative cleaning", which is well described and suitable for this product because its purpose is to improve the efficiency of the bin, waste reduction is in an open/closed public area and it plays a role in collecting waste (
By appealing)
Prevent it from falling out of the bin.
The basic problem that this design emphasizes is people's mentality of cleaning, especially the mentality of garbage bins.
For various direct or indirect reasons, such as the unpleasant scenery of the bin, the unsanitary environment, and most importantly, among those who do not care to take even one step forward, the nature of selfishness is increasing if the problem does not directly affect their individual level.
All of this, along with several others, paved the way for the purpose of losing the bin.
Therefore, in order to arouse people's attention like an investigation, all slogans, banners or activities have lost their purpose or spark after a period of time.
So trying to hit the user with what he/she cares most about in today's time is "he/she herself ", and looking for even small benefits in everything around us, we try to put an attractive element in the bin and let it interact with the user, provide him/her with appropriate feedback based on his/her performance of throwing away or dealing with waste.
Concept 1: The circular disc has sliding contact with the outer wall of the bin.
The disk is somewhat tilted.
Missing waste falls into the disc and is collected.
Lift the disc every half hour and push the collected waste into the bin.
Concept 2: cleaning blades are provided near the bin.
These clean up the waste near the bin and are then sucked away by a vacuum cleaner connected to the bin.
Concept 3: the dart board is installed in the bin.
The board persuaded a man to aim the waste at the Circle printed on it.
As a result, most of the waste will fall into it.
As shown in the figure, place a sloping circular disk.
The waste falling from the bin is collected in the disc and entered into the bin from the slot provided on the bin body.
As shown in the figure, the main warehouse is placed separately.
Easy to clean.
Bin body: Selection: it is a key part of the bin that collects all the waste.
Distribution: it is the main supporting part placed on the ground.
Interface: all other components are in direct contact with this part.
Dartboard: Choice: place it in order to attract people to use the bin efficiently.
Distribution: The tilt position placed in the bin at the opening.
Interface: direct contact with the sensing circuit and the main body.
Support for dart board: option: Support for dart board is required.
Assignment: connect to the frame axial through the center of the dart board.
Interface: connect the dart board and the main body directly.
Induction circuit: Select: induction the position where the dart board is hit and send the appropriate signal to the output circuit.
Assignment: connect directly to the dart board.
Interface: In interface with dart board and output circuit.
Audio output circuit: Select: provide appropriate audio feedback based on the input signal received from the sensing circuit.
Assignment: connect directly to the output of the sensing circuit.
Interface: connect to the Dart board and place it inside the body.
Frustum Cap: Select: prevent garbage from falling out of the bin.
Distribution: around the bin (
Connect directly to the bin)
Towards the opening.
Interface: connect directly to the bin and cover the slotted part in the inclined position.
Collection bin: choice: it is the actual bin of garbage accumulation.
Distribution: it is placed in the part provided in the bin housing.
Interface: it is placed directly in the internal part provided in the Shell, as shown in the manufacturing process of our final product prototype, including several stages and the use of various materials.
Hard barrel: The outer packaging it is used for manufacturing and the trash can for collecting the bin.
It was collected from a local scrap dealer.
: For the manufacture of secondary systems purchased from the market.
Ply: it is used as the bottom of the collection box and the shell of the bin.
Fiber sheet: a fiber sheet with a thickness of about 2mm was used in the manufacture of the dart board.
Arduino 328: it is a micro-controller that is the soul of the entire electronic circuit.
It is used to generate the appropriate signal based on the datad board area hit by the user, thus providing the user with the appropriate feedback.
Laser light: the laser light is purchased from the market and has been used for the construction of the sensor circuit. LDR (
Optical dependent resistance)
: This component is also purchased from the market and has been used for the construction of sensor circuits.
Feedback circuit assembly: this circuit consists of LEDs and 8 ohm speakers.
Other electronic components: other electronic components include jumpers, connecting wires, batteries.
With the implementation of the "darts game" concept in the bin, people's appeal is designed and conceptualized.
The concept of the "darts game" is just adopted or thought, because, as the survey shows, in today's world of Rush, first of all, few people use the bins correctly, even if they use a bin or someone else trying to use it, they don't have the time, or rather they don't care to reach out and handle the waste properly.
All they see and observe is to aim at the bin, or rather, if the inside of the bin works well, or just falls somewhere around the bin, they don't even care at all.
So, the concept of "darts game" attracts users to target inside the bin, the interactive feedback system provides him/her with appropriate feedback based on his/her performance of throwing or disposing of garbage, and the waste is brought to his/her attention due to its wise use.
In addition, the installation of a "secondary system" further achieves the sole purpose of installing the bin and being able to properly collect the waste, which further collects the waste, prevents it from falling down, and then helps it return to the bin.
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