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sure, they're smart, but are smart watches useful? | logged on - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
sure, they\'re smart, but are smart watches useful? | logged on  -  smart
Now that they have been mature for a few years, it's time to look at the smartwatch again.
When they first appeared, they were expensive toys: One more thing technology companies sold us, but lacked any necessary utility.
Are they better now?
Samsung has just released a brand new Galaxy Watch lineup to test with my midnight black 42mm (Samsung. com, $329. 99).
I am fascinated by how it looks, and it comfortably lies between elegance and movement.
It certainly does not look like a small computer (
Apple Watch, this is digging you).
The only controls on the Galaxy Watch are two buttons and one touch screen.
Navigation is very simple.
It's very simple to switch the app and make a choice.
One thing to note: This watch only works for Samsung Galaxy phone owners as it pulls up data from your calendar, address book and messaging app and puts it on your wrist
Without the Galaxy phone, the watch wouldn't have been so big.
A useful app shows you the latest news title or time for the international city of your choice.
The watch didn't feel useful from the start because I had already brought a phone, so I spoke to a Samsung rep and asked what was the most popular use.
Health and Health functions are the most popular, he said.
Watch can measure your heart rate and keep track of activity and exercise (it has GPS).
It also measures your sleep time and stress levels.
Not only will it measure your steps, it will also measure how many stairs you climb.
Sometimes the watch buzzes to get my attention and then tells me to go for a walk.
Because it always interrupts me when I work, I never go.
But other times it tells me to stretch with some torso twist.
I feel much better when I do it.
1 point for Samsung
Galaxy Watch will do more if you allow.
It includes Samsung payments, so you can connect a credit or debit card and then make wireless payments in some stores.
You can also download the Uber app to call a car from your wrist.
Samsung's representative told me that both phones are very popular.
The watch is charging for about four days and feels good.
Fast charging.
After three weeks of testing, I can't say I was beaten by the Galaxy Watch.
Reading news alerts on the teensy screen has never been comfortable, seeing how few steps I took, how little sleep was, and frustrating.
Finally, I still think the smartwatch is a technical pursuit for some purpose.
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