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surgical assistant teary-eyed at inquest - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
surgical assistant teary-eyed at inquest  -  white board
Shah alam: healthcare provider at the National Heart Institute (IJN)
When Mohammed Adib Mudd Qassim told about his experience in caring for firefighters, he was emotional and caused the court to be suspended for five minutes.
Mohamed Ashraf Baluji, assistant to surgery (pic)turned teary-
When he said yesterday in an investigation into the death of Mohammed adibu that he was taking care of him in the hospital intensive care unit, he was getting closer and closer to the patient.
"I gave the Adib encouragement, especially when he was doing physical therapy.
Sometimes we chat and I will ask him about his family, his fiancee and his work, "said witness 16 on the tenth day of the investigation.
He also said that Mohammed adibu communicated with him, the medical team and the people who visited him with his hand or body signals and whiteboards.
It was in his memory of him and 24-year-
Ashraf became an emotional old fireman. “What saddens (terkesan)
What I like most is that once he wrote something on the whiteboard that he wanted to drink juice.
"I told him: 'I will be the first person to buy you juice when you are in good health. '"
Just then, Judge Rofiah Mohamad, who is serving as the investigating coroner, called for a break so that the witness could calm down before resuming the proceedings five minutes later.
Mohammed Ashraf also said that Mohammed Adib was very enthusiastic (semangat)
While watching football in ICU
"Once, when a team-I don't remember which team it was-scored, he raised his left hand.
"I joked at the time: 'Wow, Adib, that's good, now we can do more physical exercise '.
Mohammed Ashraf also told the coroner's court that Mohammed Adib had told him that he remembered what had happened to him in the morning of November 27, when he and his fire and rescue team members received an emergency call at the Temple of sitian Sri Mariamman.
He spoke under a question from DPP leader Hamdan Hamza.
Member team of the attorney general's office.
Can you tell the court?
Mohammed Ashraf: it was in the evening and we just finished his physiotherapy class when I asked him, "Do you remember what happened?
At first he shook his head.
"So I said, 'it's okay.
When you're ready to tell me to do it.
"Then I turned and left, but I felt like Mohammed idebra had my sleeve. He then nodded.
"I asked him, 'Have you been pulled?
He used his left hand to signal his pull on his shoulder.
"I asked him, 'Did you fall?
He shook his head and motioned not.
Then I asked him, "Do you remember being beaten ? "’ He nodded.
However, Mohammed Ashraf told others about the information only after the death of Mohammed Adib, because he felt that it was confidential information between patients and health professionals.
He said he only told IJN senior consultant Dr Datuk Mohamed Ezani Md Taib in thoracic surgery, who is also the head of the in vitro membrane oxidation team who is in charge of taking care of firefighters, about around Christmas last year
Earlier, Dr. Datuk Suneta Sulaiman, director of the ICU at IJN, told the investigation that Muhammad Adib had his mobile phone, but was strictly told not to browse too much internet, because the doctor is worried that he may receive a report about him.
Witness No. 15, Dr. Suneta, was also emotional when asked by DPP zhazharahim Hamzah about the prognosis of Mohammed adibu's initial hospital stay.
"The patient is very sick.
I don't know if he will succeed. (
I thought at the time)
Because we don't know if he will react to the ECMO machine, it's very likely that he will die, "she said.
"It seems to me that if we don't put him on the ECMO machine, he will die soon in the first place.
"When the lawyer proposed Mohd Kamaruzaman.
Dr. Suneta said that Wahab attended the survey on behalf of the family of Mohammed Adib, and she asked if Mohammed Adib remembered what had happened to him.
"He shook his head," she recalled.
The investigation continues today.
Mohammed Adi Buh and his team members at the Subang Jaya fire station were seriously injured in response to an emergency at a temple in which riots took place on last November.
He was taken to SJMC before being transferred to IJN.
He died in December 17 at IJN.
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