swipe: iphone 6s double win at gadget awards - best tablet for artists-ITATOUCH-img

swipe: iphone 6's double win at gadget awards - best tablet for artists

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
swipe: iphone 6\'s double win at gadget awards  -  best tablet for artists
Apple's iPhone 6 won two straight wins in his pocket.
At the lint Gadget Awards ceremony in London, people picked up the best mobile phones of the year and the best electronic products of the year.
The demand for phones with larger screens is clearly rewarding --
After seven years of competition, this is the first time the iPhone has won the award.
Apple also won the best tablet and laptop with the iPad Air 2 and MacBook Air 2014.
Sony has also won four awards, including the best compact camera for the PlayStation 4, the best TV, the best headphones and the best home entertainment device.
The award was voted by industry experts, technical journalists and the public, and LG's G Watch R won the Best Wearable award before the Pebble Steel smartwatch.
Other winners include Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, which is named the best tablet of the year.
Judge and tech writer David Fallon told Sky News that the competition was fierce.
"BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia have changed dramatically in the past 12 months, but in the process, all the big companies and the ones you 've never heard of before still have significant innovations, "he said. That was 2014 -
But we can expect Nate Lanxon, a technical expert next year, to say: "2015 will be a very exciting year for technicians.
One of them will be the inevitable rise of more wearable devices and more personal wearable devices.
"Another thing that I think might be more interesting might be smart textiles in which electronic products of various wearable technologies can actually be woven in clothing and interior fabrics and
"So whether it's the growth of smartwatches or the future of fabrics, 2015 looks like there's a lot to offer.
Full list of WinnersBest games-
Best system camera-
Panasonic Lumix GH4 best phone related to O2 Refresh-
Best tablet-Apple iPhone 6
Best tablet for Apple iPad Air 2
Best laptop for Samsung Galaxy Note 4/2-in-1 -
Best Home Entertainment for sale-Apple MacBook Air 2014
Best Headphones for Sony PlayStation 4-Sony MDR-1A Best TV -Sony KD-
Best smart device for 65x900 5b 4 k TV-
Best Speaker in Philips tone-
Best Compact camera-Cambridge Audio Go V2Sony Cyber-
The best wearable device combined with O2 intelligent technology --
Lg g Watch R gadgets of the Year-
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