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table saw station - smart table saw

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-22
table saw station  -  smart table saw
It is a good thing to place a piece of sacrificed wood along the side of the fence.
This will not only allow you to avoid accidentally cutting into the metal fence, but will also allow the cut material to slide more smoothly, allowing you to flush the fence with the table top.
I designed this fence, about 1/1/16 above the table and the wood side took up the difference.
With this saw stand I'm done now and I can use it to slowly upgrade myself (
Better countertops, better choice of sacrifice fences, new cross-cut sleds, etc. ).
The next steps are more to "beautify" the saw :).
The entire space outside the cabinet will be closed with plywood, and the space below the saw will be used directly to remove dust from the saw.
The large open space under the working surface will be used later to accommodate the router lift and storage cabinet.
While this may not be as "high speed" as the unisaw I play at work, it will also decrease.
All the wood of the saw is cut with an ugly el cheapo 40 tooth blade, but run a better budget brand blade (
I'm using 80 teeth now, Floyd)
It is more capable of accurate work.
The table saw is the heart of any workshop and I am very happy with the situation!
I hope the building can inspire people and the building can be as effective as buying. . .
Added interesting elements!
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