tablet mounted on judge’s table will lead to paperless court - wacom-ITATOUCH-img

tablet mounted on judge’s table will lead to paperless court - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
tablet mounted on judge’s table will lead to paperless court  -  wacom
In front of the judge hearing the case, the electronic tablet computer installed on the table may be the key to the paperless of an angel's entire Madras High Court.
The High Court judge said the new system was tried out in two courts.
This tablet can help the presiding judge avoid the trouble of reading a lot of paper books.
At present, there is no court Hall
Judge Teira ventataraman and T. S.
Sivagnanam is hearing the tax appeal case and court Hall 37
The trial of corporate affairs and arbitration cases by Ramasubramanian is moving towards paperless.
In these two court halls, the Wacom tablet computer produced by Japan Wacom Co. , Ltd. was temporarily installed to test the effectiveness of its functions.
Seeing the judges browse the big screen on their desk, lawyers argue about the case with the help of laptops or iPads.
Only a few advocates adhere to the customary style of hard copy of their case pack.
The newly launched tablet contains a screen with the ability to operate through stylus or touch mode.
If the advocate can present the complete set of documents with a pen
Drive, the file will be transferred to the desktop and turned on and off in seconds.
Even when reading a file that is open on the screen, the judge can open the notepad in the second window of the tablet by creating a screen partition, using a stylus for notes.
Any important document part contained in the folder can be copied and transferred to notepad, where the judge takes notes.
In response to this development, Naveen Murthi, a young lawyer, said, "it is a very pleasant sight to see that the courts no longer use the traditional paper book system, but gain high technology.
This will really pave the way for saving a lot of time and making it easier for lawyers with technology
They have been smart all these years.
"The new system introduced in the courts dealing with corporate and tax matters is being co-supported
Bar member operation.
Members of the income Bar Association have started using soft copies of cases.
In the long run, this will reduce a lot of paperwork and make the judges more technical.
Savvy so they can keep up with Gen-next,” said P. H.
Additional defense lawyer Arvindh Pandian.
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