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tablet personal computers - notebook touch screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
tablet personal computers  -  notebook touch screen
The tablet is essentially a small laptop, equipped with a rotating touch screen as an additional input device and running standard PC operating systems such as Windows or Linux.
The term was popular in Microsoft's 2001 concept of tablet computers.
Today, the term tablet is also used to refer to devices like computers that are operated primarily by touch screens, but do not intend to run General PC operating systems or applications.
While tablets are usually larger than tablets, they tend to be designed based on relatively small laptops with screen sizes ranging from 11 to 14 inch.
All versions of Windows 7 offer tablet functionality, except for the starter version.
It introduces a new mathematical input panel that can recognize handwritten mathematical expressions and formulas and integrate with other programs.
Windows 7 also significantly improved pen input and handwriting recognition by being faster, more accurate and supporting more languages, including the East Asian writing system.
Personalized custom dictionaries help to identify professional vocabulary and text predictions and speed up the input process to take notes faster.
Some tablets also have multi-touch technology that allows for more advanced interaction with finger touch gestures like using a mouse.
Some Linux-based operating system projects are dedicated to tablets.
Since all of them are open source, they are free and can be run or ported to devices that match the design of the tablet. Maemo (
Renamed MeeGo in 2010)
The graphical user environment based on Debian Linux is developed for Nokia Internet Tablet devices (
770, N800, N810, N900).
It is currently in the fifth generation and has a large number of applications available in both official and user-supported repositories.
Both Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Intel-sponsored Moblin projects integrate touch screen support into the user interface.
Google's Linux-based Android operating system, thanks to its openness and support for ARM systems, has become the target of tablet market manufacturers after its success on smartphones, but some systems, just as Toshiba's AC100 is more closely related to tablets.
Google is rumored to support the web-centric Chrome OS. Android 3.
0 is the latest version of the android platform.
It is specially optimized for devices with larger screen sizes (mainly tablets) and can enter the android Market.
Android is the software stack for mobile devices including operating systems, middleware, and key applications.
Apple's iPad and iPhone are not tablets, but tablets.
Since the iPad and iPhone use embedded operating systems such as PDAs and operating systems in mobile phones, they do not support fully functional microcomputer operating systems.
Before the iPad was launched, Axiotron launched the Modbook, a heavily modified Apple MacBook, Mac OS X-
Tablet computer in Macworld in 2007.
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