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talking smart glass for the blind - smart board accessories

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-06
talking smart glass for the blind  -  smart board accessories
Smart glasses, smart watches and other smart accessories.
Can be bought in the market.
But they were all built for us.
There is a serious lack of assistance technology for persons with disabilities.
I want to do something useful for people with vision problems.
So I designed a low.
The cost of smart glass that can be used to help with vision damage.
This project uses some ultrasonic distance sensors, Arduino Pro Mini, MP3 player modules and some vibrating motors.
The circuit boards used in this project are used in the form of glasses and can be worn by visually impaired persons.
Arduino installed on glasses will detect obstacles with the help of sensors and notify the user of the distance and direction of obstacles through headphones and vibration motors.
Software: hardware components: make sure the Arduino flashes before soldering it to the PCB.
Once all components are welded, it becomes more difficult to connect the programming head.
Change the minimum left, minimum center, minimum right to adjust the minimum trigger distance.
You may see some errors like: this is because there is no library installed on your IDE Like NewPing and DFRobotDFPlayerMini.
To resolve this issue, go to the search bar and enter the missing library name and click install, which will install the missing library.
Do this for all missing libraries.
The code will be compiled and uploaded immediately.
Copy the contents of the audio file folder to the root of the SD card.
The copied SD card should be like this in the image.
Let's order the pcb.
You can find the PCB file here: you can also make this project without PCB.
But it is more convenient with PCB.
My favorite manufacturer is JLCPCB. com.
They're really high.
Excellent PCB with very cheap price.
When I started designing the pcb, the cost of making the pcb was high.
So I had to do it myself.
This is a chaotic and tedious process,
This is a very difficult task.
I don't do this anymore.
JLCPCB is so cheap that I don't think about etching anymore.
About $2 you will get 5 to 10 PCB (
If the size is less than 10 cm * 10 cm).
I design PCB with easyEDA.
This is a cloud. based tool.
This means I don't need to download anything and I can work almost from any computer with an Internet connection.
Supplier of electronic components)work together.
You can order pcb from JLC inside easyeda.
Ordering the components used in the PCB from the LCSC takes only a few mouse clicks.
Since JLCPCB is shipped well with LCSC, you can save shipping costs while JLCPCB, EASYEDA and LCSC together provide a good platform for electronic manufacturing.
First weld components such as Arduino, DF player, audio jack, sliding switch to PCB.
Weld the rest of the components such as power cables, sliding switches, vibration motors, etc.
The vibration motor should be welded to the back of the PCB so that the person wearing the glass can feel the vibration.
If there is no PCB, you can still complete the project by connecting the components shown in the circuit diagram.
You can now insert the SD card into the DFPlayer.
After connecting the power supply, the motor should vibrate when there is an obstacle and the audio will come from the headset.
You're done now.
You can find all the resources here.
GitHub hack.
IoThis is my entry for the PCB competition, please vote if you like this guide.
I took part in the Safeway PCB design contest.
If you like this project, consider voting for my entries: Please comment on any issues you face.
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