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tdsb trying to scare parents with bogus numbers: ford - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
tdsb trying to scare parents with bogus numbers: ford  -  what is a smart board
Principal Doug Ford said the Toronto Regional School Board has significantly exaggerated the size of the provincial fiscal cuts to scare parents and has a history of squandering money on a $2,500 whiteboard.
Counterattack against TDSB's claim to face $42
Ford's offensive on Tuesday, which cut millions of dollars, could force France to stop immersion meditation and lead to fewer jobs.
Ford said: "The figures released by TDSB are absolutely reckless . . . . . . It is frustrating that they move on without first trying to verify the accuracy of these figures.
"This is the old tactics of intimidation.
Political gimmicks like this can only cause anxiety among parents and students.
Education minister Lisa Thompson added that the real cut is close to $21 million, and she believes that TDSB can easily cope with the cuts given the nearly $3 billion funding the province has provided this year.
On Monday, John Malloy, chairman of TDSB, said the committee may stop using French, cut the positions of staff and administrators in some learning centers, consolidate some schools and reduce the number of music teachers on tour
"TDSB employees treat the budget with integrity and a professional attitude," Malloy retorted in a statement on Tuesday . ".
"TDSB has been confirming numbers with the Ministry of Education for several weeks, including conversations last weekend.
We still believe-
According to all the information we provide-our $67. 8-
The millions of gaps, including provincial cuts of $42 million, are accurate.
Ford said TDSB had "zero oversight and accountability" over the past 15 years ".
The Prime Minister pointed out several examples of what he said were reckless spending by the board, including $700,000 for school locks and $3,000 for a $2 lock.
There are 50 power outlets and $2,500 on the whiteboard.
Ford also mentioned the infamous pencil sharpener incident, first reported in 2012 --
$143 install a $17 four screw pencil sharpener.
Andrea Howorth, NDP leader, says the whiteboard is actually an interactive "smart board", but the premier may not know the difference.
"The opportunities for students to participate in French immersion now will be reduced as the board is forced to reduce the number of access to the program, and Howorth said:" There are fewer and fewer students who can enter the school to participate in the program . ".
"Does the Prime Minister think that basic programs such as forcing schools to cut French immersion will actually help students succeed?
Aartuso @ postmedia.
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