teacher called students ‘fing idiots’ and called white board marker ‘magic pen of sex’ - white boa

teacher called students ‘f***ing idiots’ and called white board marker ‘magic pen of sex’ - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
teacher called students ‘f***ing idiots’ and called white board marker ‘magic pen of sex’  -  white board
The professional behaviour group heard that Elizabeth Woods was a former English teacher at the Herhorn Sea School and Language Institute, also calling her mentor group "twats ".
Woods MS, who did not attend the hearing, was also found to have stuck her middle finger to a student, and it was revealed that she called her whiteboard pen "sexy Magic Pen ".
When a student reported that she poked him with her middle finger in July 6, 2016, her behavior became clear.
The boy testified to the panel that he was told to leave the classroom and wait outside.
He knocked back about 15 minutes later.
Woods MS faced the class, he said, and when he looked through the glass at the door of the classroom, she returned to him.
She raised one hand and raised her middle finger to him, he said.
Woods MS said she pointed the students to the classroom with her index finger, but the panel found that the charges against her were confirmed.
The boy's complaint led to an investigation in which other students expressed their concerns about her "inappropriate" language.
A student attending the hearing told the panel that he was asked to leave the classroom due to his actions.
When he left, he heard Woods MS shouting, "I'm surrounded by fucking idiots," and he said he was shocked by the language she used with the rest of the class.
The other students said in a written speech that she aimed the sentence at the whole class.
In her statement, Woods MS admitted that she "may have used inappropriate language" but did not specifically mention the phrase.
At a disciplinary meeting earlier in school, she said she might use the word "idiot" but didn't say "fucking idiot ".
She applied earlier for a private hearing because she did not want to see anything in the local media and she said it would have a "negative impact" on her health and business ".
In August 2013, Woods MS worked as an English teacher at the school.
She was also accused of telling other students "f * off" and leaving the students out of school when other teachers thought the students were under her care.
The allegations were not confirmed.
In a statement read out to the panel, MS Wood said that she was very sorry for the failure of the horn sea students.
She said she "loves teaching" and "loves her discipline ".
She hopes "I can choose to teach in the future ".
The panel says MS Woods's behaviour amounts to "serious misconduct, much below the expected standard ".
She was banned from teaching indefinitely.
Woods MS cannot teach at any school in the UK, Grade 6 college, relevant youth dormitories or children's homes.
She was only allowed to apply for revocation of the order within four years.
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