teachers awarded £14,900,000 after suffering ‘appalling’ employer treatment - interactive whiteboa

teachers awarded £14,900,000 after suffering ‘appalling’ employer treatment - interactive whiteboard uk

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-21
teachers awarded £14,900,000 after suffering ‘appalling’ employer treatment  -  interactive whiteboard uk
A union claims that over the past 12 months, teachers who have been "detained" by their employers have received millions of dollars in compensation. A total £14.
According to NASUWT, over the past 12 months, 9 million of students have been secured by the teacher's employer to compensate students who have been injured or discriminated against
At the end of the worst treatment, union members received an amount. One 54-year-
The old disabled faculty member received £ 45,000 after being dismissed for questioning the failure to make reasonable adjustments to enable him to complete his work.
He has multiple disabilities, including arthritis, high blood pressure, gout, and diabetes known to his employer.
The teacher asked for a trolley to help with his actions, free parking spaces for disabled persons, removal of classroom equipment that hindered him, and interactive whiteboards, large wireless keyboards and stools for his classroom.
The employer began to investigate his actions and eventually fired him through the school's disciplinary process.
NASUWT teaching Alliance also received £ 10,000 for £ 33year-
The old member from South Yorkshire was racially abused by school students more than a dozen times in 18 months.
In 2018, NASUWT experienced an increase in cases of illegal discrimination against members by employers.
These cases include cases where members are subjected to discriminatory practices related to pregnancy --
Relevant and flexible
Job requirements, failure to make reasonable adjustments to disabled members, racial discrimination and discrimination based on age, sexual orientation and religion or belief.
In one case, 57 persons received £ 9,611 from the criminal injury compensation agencyyear-
An old member attacked by a student who showed aggressive behavior.
The student blocked teacher West Midlands's classroom entrance and then pushed her to the wall, injuring her lower back and bruised her ribs.
The incident caused the member to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, dizziness and tremor.
Chris Katz, secretary general of NASUWT, said: "While NASUWT has successfully received record compensation for its members, the fact is that behind these figures, there is a catalogue of shocking treatment that teachers have suffered in the hands of their employers.
In most cases, the money to be rewarded does not make up for the physical and mental health of teachers who may be affected and they are no longer able to pursue a career of their choice.
She claims that "too many" employers believe that they can take "coercive" actions because the government "has not taken any action to ensure compliance with the Employment Act, thanks to the excessive freedom and flexibility it gives schools, bad employment practices are allowed to flourish.
Keates added: "These figures mask the anxiety, stress and pain that many teachers will suffer in the hands of their employers before they seek our help. MS.
However, she believes that these figures are only the "tip of the iceberg" because teachers may have been "kicked out" of their profession without seeking appropriate compensation for any abuse or abuse suffered.
"No teacher should face discrimination and abuse," a ministry spokesman said . "
Treatment in the workplace.
Most schools provide a safe and reasonable working environment for faculty and staff. it is important to maintain such a working environment.
It is the responsibility of the school to protect employees, which includes ensuring that they comply with the relevant equality and employment laws.
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