teachers in iraq's mosul learn to cope with traumatised pupils - classroom whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-22
teachers in iraq\'s mosul learn to cope with traumatised pupils  -  classroom whiteboard
On the classroom whiteboard in the battered city of Mosul, the words "rediscover how to smile" outline the heartbreaking task of Iraqi teachers working to heal students' mental trauma after the brutal Islamic State rule
Dozens of Iraqi teachers have gathered at a university, many of whom are themselves struggling with trauma. Coach lucuctor em Shaker IS trying to guide them to help children who are still struggling to cope after being driven out of the destroyed city for months.
Mr. Shaquille drew a "problem tree" on the blackboard, which was rooted in a series of pains: "Relatives Killed", "witnessed beheading", "destruction" and"
He hopes that through games, pantomime and sports shows, teachers will be better able to help students achieve the goals outlined in the top branch of his chart, with "hope" and "optimism" joining the desire to smile again.
"How to live together and eliminate violence is a key experience that must be taught," he said . ".
He added that teachers must help students show how to rebuild their lives and get rid of the stress, stress and bad memories that have plagued them.
In the second city of Iraq, it is not just the year of the is rule that plagues children's waking lives and sleeping time.
On July, with the help of U. S. air strikes, Iraqi forces forced the jihadist to step down in nine months of urban fighting.
The alliance of leaders left a deep mark. -
Both physical and mental.
Principal Noamat Sultan is affected daily by the destructive effects of psychological trauma.
"One of our students is very active and has been fighting with his classmates," he told AFP . ".
"We had a long discussion with him and found that his father and brother were killed in a recent explosion.
"With the help of the boy's brother and the more attention of the teacher, he was gradually coaxed back to his side.
"We have convinced him not to drop out of school," the father said . "of-eight Sultan.
Physical Education Teacher Rasha ryriyadh saw the heavy price of "seeing the psychological stress caused by execution, death, explosion and loss of loved ones", but he was sure the students could recover.
"They are prepared to respond positively to the rehabilitation plan because they want to eliminate the thoughts and memories that dragged them back into the Islamic State era," she said . ".
This is the case with 12-12year-
Despite his youth, Ahmed Mehmud, an old student, said everything he saw left him "exhausted ".
"When I sit down in class, I don't have the will to learn," Mahmud said . ".
"I recall the time when IS, I remember the people who were executed like my uncle.
They dropped people from the building and forced us to watch.
"The 900 students at the Sudanese head teacher's school were able to study in half of the building after the battle, and the rest were turned into ruins.
The remaining few classrooms are heavily crowded, and there are often five or more people crowded on the benches for two students. Twelve-year-
There is no old Osama among them.
Seeing that the air strikes knocked down most of the other houses on his street on his neighbors, he still felt dizzy.
His mother, Umm Osama, said: "He didn't say a word for a few weeks . ".
Boys still need help wearing clothes, washing and eating, and seem to get lost in their hearts often.
"Sometimes he will leave the house without warning and wander around aimlessly for hours," his mother said . ".
"It's hard to find him several times.
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