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by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
tech bytes  -  digital pen and pad
Paul Jay from CBCNews. ca.
A few years ago, as a freelance writer, there were many days during the death of a working day when I would go to a coffee shop or a local restaurant, drop my pen, mat or computer and start working.
Usually, I buy a cup of coffee first, then a sandwich, and then maybe a snack and another cup of coffee before I pay the bill.
It's an expensive life, freelance, but it's the price I pay to not bounce off the wall of my suffocating little Bachelor's mat.
When using Wi, not everyone likes to buy things.
However, according to The Wall Street Journal, some restaurants in New York: Naidre's is a number of restricted Wi-
Ask that laptop-
When the crowd at lunch time wants to eat, hold customers to take their business elsewhere.
Other coffee shops and restaurants have taken other measures to block stores during peak hours, or to completely ban laptops, the report said.
I can see both sides of the story here.
The Fi and desktop space in the business premises is an additional benefit based on the business model in which the customer actually buys something, very real
The way the world does things.
But those who grew up in the Internet age usually expect a lot of things to be free --
Free mp3, free clips from Colbert reports, free wireless Internet accessStarbucks Fi
Not that these people insist that these things are free in a political sense, but that they have begun to expect them, and therefore, there will be no good reaction to it being taken away.
Rupert Murdoch
It was an interesting debate and I would love to know what other people have experienced when they took out their laptops in public.
| Discuss it now. .
Steve larokiotavofi store with wireless Internet access
Their customers' fi access is also my habit.
But there's a difference between free wireless Internet access.
Fi and free reading so I'm happy to make sure I buy things from them every hour or less.
My favorite place is a local chain called Qiaotou, which provideshour-ticket (
Username and password)
When you buy something
No privacy-
Less than 20 pages of "registration system" and legal documents for intrusionAgree-
Blindly attack your common sense.
The model is simple, respectful of the customer, and ensures that if you want to sit there all day, then you are the company's ongoing source of revenue.
Good model for Wifi do exist.
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