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tech company aims to help seniors live independently longer - smart tech

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-03
tech company aims to help seniors live independently longer  -  smart tech
A Colorado-
Tech companies based in New Brunswick are working with researchers to try to help older people live independently for longer periods of time.
Routinify uses smart technology, including wearable devices such as Fitbits and tablets, to monitor the body of the elderly and report to him or her family.
They are working with the University of St. John, New Brunswick, and the Loch Lomond Villa to test the technology.
Pat Kelly, CEO of Routfy fy, said the idea was based on his own personal experience as his 97-year-old caregiveryear-
Mother and 105-year-old aunt.
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"From the perspective of adult child caregivers, I am concerned about 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Kelly said . ".
"It's not just someone who might visit my mom for an hour or two during the day to provide care.
The system uses Android-
Based on the infrastructure of two tablets, one in the bedroom, the other in the main living area, and the wearable technology of Garmin or Fitbit.
The system monitors sleep, medication compliance, nutrition and hydration.
Kelly said that when the habits of the elderly become unhealthy, it is also to help them control their health.
When warning older people about unhealthy activities, the system does not rely solely on a feeling, he said.
The audio prompt may come from the virtual assistant, then the visual prompt on the tablet, then the vibration on the wearable device.
"Not to get your attention, but to get your attention," Kelly said . ".
"So it takes all the senses to help a person get through the day.
"Since January, the local partnership sroutfy fy has worked with UNBSJ to carry out a pilot project at the Loch Lomond Villa.
New Brunswick's population structure makes it a good place to test the technology, Kelly said.
"Obviously, when we enter the market, the province is almost purposeful --
"This is built for this type of solution," Kelly said . ".
This is Canada. first strategy.
We were pilots there.
We have completed the initial market launch there, and now we are exporting Canadian Care products south of the border to the United States.
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