tech toys: five must-have tech travel gadgets to take along on your travels - pen for tablet-ITATO

tech toys: five must-have tech travel gadgets to take along on your travels - pen for tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-28
tech toys: five must-have tech travel gadgets to take along on your travels  -  pen for tablet
Scared by the horror story of $30,000 in wireless roaming charges?
There is a solution for this.
In your hotel room, kids fight for an Internet connection?
No problem. we have a simple answer.
We started planning our holidays as the weather warmed up, and there was a long-term dilemma: what to pack?
When it comes to your tech travel kit, a little bit of thinking ahead can save you time, money and travel headaches.
To answer your travel challenges, here are the five tech gadgets we 've listed that you don't want to leave behind. 1.
D-DIR 505 mobile companion shared port
Link, $40, when ubergeek Cedric Tetzel travels with his work as a London drug commodities manager, he doesn't have to worry if his hotel limits the number of wireless devices that can be connected to the Internet.
But for home travel, the practice of some hotels is to charge for Internet access through the device, which may seriously reduce the travel budget.
"I just got back from Edmonton and my hotel there has four equipment restrictions and it's okay when I'm alone," Tetzel said . ".
"I used two phones, a tablet and a laptop, so it's cool for me to use four, but if I take him with her tablet and family, every child has one.
This is four devices, there is no room for mobile phones.
"For hotels with $15 per device per night for Internet access, your wireless bill may fall off the roof when the whole family sign in.
Solution to reduce internet bills-
Your child is very happy. is D-
Link's small mobile wireless router.
It turns any wired or wireless Internet connection into Wi-
The Fi hotspot gives you the freedom to connect to any number of wireless devices.
It can also be used as a normal router, and it has a repeater mode if you want to use it to enhance weak wireless signals. D-
Link's SharePort mobile app also allows you to share files with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet, which you can use to charge your iPhone and Android smartphone. 2.
SurfEasy inserts privacy for $70. It's a sleek little device that looks a bit like an oversized credit card and is as convenient at home as on the road.
The idea of starting a business in Toronto-
Up, SurfEasy solves the tricky problem of keeping your personal data safe when you're in an Internet cafe, local coffee shop or other open Wi-Fi networks.
When you are on open Wi-we are all warned of the dangers of the bank
Fi for the coffee shop, but when you travel, you can't always find a safe connection when you need to pay your bill.
SurfEasy is a USB key that starts the password once you plug it into the computer-
A protected web browser. Any sign-
In the information, the password, website or other information is protected by the same advanced encryption used by the bank.
It also hides your IP (
Internet protocol)
The address on the website you visit.
When you log in to a website like Netflix, in terms of what the site can detect, you may be browsing from the US, the UK or other countries.
This is a feature that some Netflix viewers who like to expand the US market have noticed. S.
Netflix offers more services than Canada.
SurfEasy basically provides your own VPN (
Virtual private network
You can sneak into your wallet and insert it when you need to browse safely. 3.
Unlock the phone, from $50, when you buy the phone with a wireless carrier contract, you can enjoy a discount on the price of the phone, but you will be locked on the service of that carrier.
So if you want to use your phone in Europe, the United States, or anywhere else in the world, you may find yourself paying a high roaming fee.
My preferred way to avoid phone bill impact is to unlock the phone
It can be a basic call and text phone for $50 or more, or a smartphone, like the iPhone 5 I unlocked, starting at $700.
The operator will unlock the phone for you-
Telus will unlock the phone for $35 three months after the contract is signed, Rogers charges $50 and will unlock the phone after 90 days.
If your phone is eligible to unlock, please consult your carrier or ask if it offers an unlock service before you purchase the phone with the carrier.
When you travel with an unlocked phone, all you need to do is purchase a paid phoneas-you-
Use SIM card in your country
That way, you can control the cost of your phone and data and pay for it locally instead of roaming.
Another way to avoid roaming charges when you travel in the US is to use roaming mobile services.
Starting point of Vancouver
Up offers a variety of hardware options, as well as phone plans including a $20 US travel SIM cardS.
This gives you unlimited speech and text for $3 a dayS.
Roaming data is scheduled to be $40 per gigabyte.
There is a very useful wireless data wiki online for travelers;
Check it out in prepaidwithdata. wikia. com. 4.
International travel adapter with USB charger, starting from $30, there are several options when replacing the plug in each country with one adapter.
Logiix world travel adapter (LGX10280)
There are plugs in 150 countries, all in one device.
Kensington's international travel plug adapter with USB charger provides the same plug options and USB charger as DigiPower's $35 USB travel AC power adapter and built-in power supplyin USB charger. 5.
Since Apple released its first iPad, the price of the mini tablet is $210, which is my preferred mini computer when I travel --
Whether it's uploading photos to the cloud, or planning a trip or Skype with people at home.
But with the arrival of the new mini tablet, this has changed, from Apple's mini tablet to Google's Nexus tablet, and now Samsung has released its latest announcement --
Its Galaxy Note 8
There is 0 of the pen on the screen.
Some of my Globes
Run friends who like to carry e-mails
Readers can go to the beach or by bus.
But if I only have space for one device, I will choose a mini tablet that will also carry my holiday reading tour Library.
If you want something with double duty to make the kids happy, let mom and dad use the basic Android tablet and check out Ematic's FunTab Pro, $150 7-inch kid-Friendly Tablet.
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