teen illustrator lamontagne has published her first book before graduation - drawing tablet for pc

teen illustrator lamontagne has published her first book before graduation - drawing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-14
teen illustrator lamontagne has published her first book before graduation  -  drawing tablet for pc
Jayce Lamontagne is drawing on her mother's recipe while she can walk.
"She never drew a stickmen, never. (She’d draw)
Mary Ann ramuntanne said with a smile.
"She always draws and always draws.
"I like to call them potato monsters," said Jayce Lamontagne, 18 . ".
Her art never left her.
By the age of 10, paper and marks were not enough.
She was given her first drawing tablet to draw directly on the computer as a 10 th birthday present.
Lamontagne said: "I remember when I first opened PhotoShop, I thought, 'Oh my God, I don't know what all these things mean, like 'What is
"It took me a few months to finally get used to it.
Eight years later, she recorded her project through timelapse "speedpaints" on YouTube, and her first book has been published.
Is working with the medical Hat author/teacher
Rhonda Hunt, librarianThe 40-
The children's book is published on the third page.
Lamontagne began showing it when she was 14.
This is a fantasy about grassland winter, especially the relationship between warm chinook and cold Old Man Winter.
Lamontagne is free for these images, which include the first people she painted --
She usually draws
Human role. “(Hunter)
"Just gave me a word," ramuntanne said . ".
"I asked her, 'What is the character and what they look like, 'and she just said crazy.
Hunter initially imagined the "Yvette Moore type" photo of the prairie landscape for her book.
"Wow when I see her!
"It's alive and bright, I just like it," Hunter said . ".
"She took what I wrote and turned it completely into her own, something I never imagined.
This is where I was impressed.
Lamontagne says what she wants is a role that doesn't look very human.
"One of the things I really liked when I was in elementary school was the cartoon in the book," she said . ".
Mary Ann introduced her old friend Hunter to her artist daughter. “(Hunter)
"I thought she was wearing her mother's bias glasses," Jayce Lamontagne said . ".
Hunter said: "Do you know what kind of person mom is, is she really an artist ? " He was persuaded after seeing some of ramuntanne's art.
"I think, 'This is too good, it has to go beyond self'publishing.
This fall, Lamontagne, a 12-year student at Miller High School, will travel to the provincial institute of technology to learn interactive design and technology.
She wants to be a graphic designer while telling her story through comics and concept art.
"I like painting best because I have stories, characters and images in my head and I just want to go out and put a piece of paper so I can show it to others," Jayce said . ".
"That's what I 've been doing to my mom, and that's why she showed Ronda.
Hunter and ramontaine have collaborated on the second book, which Hunter hopes to publish himself.
It's about Sakitawak in North Village (
Island of Cree company namea-la-Crosse)
Where did Mary Ann come from and where did Hunter teach in the past.
Available in Saskatoon, online and.
Sold online through Regina's.
It can also be ordered in.
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