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the 6 tools every graphic designer should have - graphic design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-20
the 6 tools every graphic designer should have  -  graphic design tablet
Photoshop has its benefits.
But let's face it. for casual graphic designers, this is a huge, complex and often scary thing.
Even with all the DIY guides and manuals available online, mastering Photoshop is a tricky thing to do, especially if you are not taking a formal course.
But why is it that your talent is suppressed and your creativity is not recognized?
Keep reading because it's not the other top
This is a compilation of some very innovative applications that can help you with your next project easily.
PicMonkeyI has tried a lot of photo editors online and offline.
There are Fotor, Pixlr, LunaPic, etc.
However, they did not provide the surprising amount of tools and effects that PicMonkey provided.
This may not be the kind of advanced graphic design PhotoShop can do, but if all you're looking for is a perfect finish and some artistic expression for your photography, nothing is simpler and more unique than PicMonkey.
This is the most useful set of effects I have seen online.
From Dracula Twilight to the print novel, this photo editor offers the ability to make it stand out.
Guess what, the free version itself is not bad at all!
Many of the pictures you find online have watermarks.
This is usually done to prevent commercial reuse of these images without proper permission.
But what if you just wanted to turn the awesome modern art you found on DeviantArt into a T-shirt? shirt?
If the watermark or signature is the direction in which you go, InPaint is a handy tool that can help you remove any imposed text or watermark from the image without destroying the actual quality of the image
Whether you're a graphic designer looking to upload your work to a platform that lets millions of people watch, or looking to get inspiration from other people's work, deviantArt is the largest collection of high-quality graphic designs you can find anywhere online.
Most of the graphics there are copyrighted, so be sure to get permission before you decide to use someone's hard work on your project.
This is not a graphic design tool.
It's more like a working committee for freelancers.
Why should I mention this?
Look at their graphic design section and you will see why.
Some of the most talented graphic designers can rent at the most affordable price.
Whether you want to outsource or just want some inspiration, this site can provide you with some extra help.
CanvaCanva is designed for what PicMonkey is. It's the go-
Tools to help you meet all your graphic design needs.
Whether you want to create the perfect title for your site or want your Facebook banner to look more professional, canva can help you design every element of your work individually and put them together, give your project a professional look and feel.
More importantly, you can even see its library of works from the works of other designers.
Commonly known as Windows iMovie, MovaviMore is a very powerful tool that lets you edit the entire video, capture screenshots, and record the game by clicking a few buttons.
Depending on how you wish to use it, it can be simple or quite detailed.
But one thing is for sure, Movavi may be your best choice if you want iMovie but don't have a Mac.
It's just touching the surface, because I believe there are a few more tools to come in handy in an era of graphic designers --to-day life.
What graphic design tools do you prefer to use?
Illuminate us in the comments section!
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