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the 9.15.13 issue - smart board screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-21
the 9.15.13 issue  -  smart board screen
Can eq be taught?
I respect what these projects are trying to do.
But I'm worried that even if they don't want to, they seem to be forcing the children to share their feelings.
Does the school have the right to ask the children to keep their emotional status posted and to voluntarily provide information about all aspects of their lives?
I think a shy child, or a child from a family that values privacy, may feel uncomfortable.
Want to leave your thoughts and feelings to yourself (
When you are not at home and in the middle of a close friend)
Even in children, it is not a character defect.
Beth babcock of Miami was released in the New York Times.
As a therapist, I have seen many patients who have never received this information.
As adults, it is difficult for them to find words to express their feelings, unable to calm themselves after being upset, unable to endure the strong feelings of others, it may become numb or persistent depressed for a long time after the emotions dissipate, generating negative thoughts of coercion.
I often hope emotions
Teach intellectual skills in school to prevent so much suffering from childhood and adulthood.
Why are children forced to suffer when information is readily available?
The New York Times published Shelley Diamond in San Francisco.
The whole life style of the child
Sleep, diet and exercise
The impact on school performance may be more
Cognitive behavior therapy
It would be nice if the school could teach parents how to be parents.
Robert farch of Burlington, Massachusetts
Released in the New York Times.
ComNO child untabletedi is a music teacher and I think the idea of teaching kids classrooms with a tablet is terrible.
They have been distracted by technology.
They need a smart, dedicated adult to stand in a room with them, talk to them and explain things to them.
I like technology when it's right in my classroom.
I don't lose 8-
Mm projector supporting smart motherboard.
I am very happy to edit the musical with a movie.
School student, I put my iPod on hand to play songs that illustrate my class.
But the kid staring at the screen? No way.
Rosemary bouticover, Harleysville, Pa.
Released in the New York Times.
Don't you look down at a book?
Don't you write on the blackboard with your back to the students?
Don't you look at the projector screen or the computer monitor?
Tablets can be a way to aggregate all of this.
Unlike there are many places where teachers and students can be found, now they can have a place so there can be more eye contact.
This is actually a solution, not a problem. TYLER M.
Reed, Louis, Kentucky
Released in the New York Times.
The gifted boy of Ulan Bator. What moved me most about this article is that this young man combines his wisdom with his mission to help others --
From family members to all mankind.
It reminds me of the sentence: "Love! Love! Love!
This is the soul of genius.
Paul Rossi's article was published in The New York Times.
ComAll learning is personal. we insist on teaching in groups to reach the lowest common denominator, and can now provide alternatives in the form of MOOCs.
Think about the human potential that will be released around the world!
Carol Harrington, anargos, Wash.
Released in the New York Times.
ComHOW's job of getting a philosophy degree is a philosophy major, and I recently retired from a company that has been a long time successful and relatively good --paid career.
Universities should be education, not vocational training.
Most non-professional skills are available at work.
I prefer philosophy, history or literature if I am hiring for general management or business (or hard-Science or math)
Major in business or above.
Having a brain, imagination, and cultural literacy is better than a career.
Business degree training.
Jack Aubert, Church of Va falls.
Released in the New York Times.
Bill Gates did not graduate from college.
Steve Jobs uses the old spin phone like everyone else growing up.
A life full of imagination and energy is a key factor in building a career.
There are as many philosophy majors, if not more.
So go ahead and condemn your own child for being hired and fired by someone else.
Teach them to think about problems.
Priscilla kavakami of Salt Lake City was released in the New York Times. comTHE REAL-
Life "sparkles" in lewitown, PA ".
The power of good teaching --
The power of the drama festival-
This can be quantified without testing.
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