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the art of meetings - interactive whiteboard online

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-08
the art of meetings  -  interactive whiteboard online
Last update: On January 20, 2011, there are more meetings to be done in addition to watching people twist;
The purpose of our meeting is more lonely than we are, so why did our meeting fail?
Someone just had a meeting. A 17-
Handed out a little agenda yesterday, attendance is mandatory, and when you put on a pen and Palm Pilot and get mentally prepared for another 90 year old, the cold weather will cool your spine
The action point of the minute is one after another.
Working meetings are more important than watching people twist;
The purpose of our meeting is more lonely than we are, so why did our meeting fail?
Maybe it's time to get out of "Like everyone else" and get into "ahead of everyone else ".
Like many common reasons in business, failure is not because we don't know more, but because we try to be more important than ourselves. Achieve some ideal "business behavior ".
We finalized the agenda memo and hammer on the main points of action ---
We will do and say things we will use with our friends, but we will do these things to the people we rely on for our success!
Treating our colleagues as friends will exceed all other rules, but there are other common sense rules to break the control of "doing business. like". 1.
Choose a star and guide it.
The agenda is not a list of topic points to discuss.
Think about the phrase "She has a hidden agenda ----
That's what you want.
Having an agenda means knowing what you want;
How can you know when you get it?
At the beginning of the meeting, even before the meeting starts, state what you want and take the time to figure out what others expect.
By the time we meet, it's OK to stick to these Agenda goals and walk away.
We all have, but you should say (
(As soon as possible)
"It's good,. . .
"Then pull it back into orbit.
Remember: Automatic
The pilots on the plane have 99% rest time;
Its job is to apply for correction without malice-
It works without the application of choking restrictions. 2.
When the whole eco-business meeting does not produce a common understanding, understanding fails, and only when we know how each person is combined to carry out the project, a common understanding occurs.
This has nothing to do with the mlroject chart.
This is about understanding the community.
In cases where some people feel unqualified or speak without permission, a common understanding cannot arise ---
A meeting where only one person speaks is called a "lecture ".
Everyone in that room has some stakes in the project. Every last one.
These are our hopes, our personal hopes, and the passion we need to complete this project.
Everyone has their own fears, too, and fear will run out of our endurance.
When you determine the stakes, you can know where everyone stands and you are going well.
This is not your project.
It's not a company project ".
This is always a project for everyone, their spouse and children.
You are all together. 3.
Understand the stars to guide you, understand and accept the needs and concerns of everyone, and you need to move forward towards your goals.
This project is the case in all aspects, just like every moment in the meeting.
It doesn't matter how you meet.
While working in our remote office located in Sabur beach, I heard all the arguments about remote conference technology.
Some want to be "face-to-face", some want to interact with online media, and some want to be full
Others are happy with the conference call, some Usenet, other emails.
Are these technologies effective?
Yes and no in all respects.
Technology is not a pleasure. -
I 've been playing in IRC to dead items while others have used USENET or email very effectively.
Management is the key to success.
If you know what you want, you can direct your meeting to your destination. 4.
More problems arise at each meeting;
This happens when people get together and think about it.
That's one of the reasons why the meeting looks daunting: no matter how good the status is after each meeting, there always seems to be more work to be done now than ever before, which is true.
Task your people by answering these new questions (
Or ask more)--use the time-
Transfer collaboration technology to release meeting minutes, clearly state all responsibility, and then track and entangle the priority of the result (
Or at least some change in their status). 5.
"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas," the words of Renas Bowlin belong to the letterhead of each company.
I have never met any project for 25 years and have set the whole goal from the beginning.
Well, maybe once, when Mitel knew they wanted an integrated business digital network switch to deal with a spec, but even there, we had a lot of outstanding issues, and in this concept became
Because you don't know what you really want until you see what you don't want, plan improvisation and experiments.
The goal is OK, but not if the goal makes you not see the possibility.
Even if time and budget seem to be limited, be prepared to try as soon as possible.
Your most unstable document will always be your business needs;
Only fools ask these questions in front of them. The cross-
Products created by human beings will always generate ideas.
Yes, some are stupid, but even the stupidest ideas can spark a spark of genius.
Just like teenagers do homework on AIM, we get smarter when we brainstorm.
Meetings are deep-running schools made up of slippery ideas and innovations, but you can only catch them when you attract them to the surface.
To be passionate about their work, people must feel content and invested.
When the two arguments cannot be reconciled, please demonstrate the two arguments;
In the worst case scenario, you assure them that you value their ideas and that you are willing to try anything that will bring you closer to your business goals.
Ask before you speak and listen before you speak. 6.
Simplicity is my last principle: the ears capture the hearts of the people better than the tongue. Listen.
You need ideas, collect questions, and find things that link them to your goals, so that makes sense.
If you have a long story, send it in advance;
The meeting is an opportunity for you to play the audience; don't waste it.
An interesting exercise: Put 10 small pebbles in your pocket before the meeting, and carefully move a pebble into another pocket every time you want to issue a response.
The whole meeting only moved the pile of 10 stones at one time.
Meeting to be a party remember in your academic age is it an interesting thing to get together with colleagues?
You can meet after class and not notice the time until the cafe throws you out at the closing time.
No trace of boredom. Why?
It's vibrant, you're engaged, arguing with your peers updates your passion as everyone leaves with more than what they bring.
A little bit-of-the-
The meeting can reproduce this.
After all, each of you is in that room for some purpose.
Each of you knows why you are there and we all want to take home more than just the salary.
The meeting is by no means a tedious distraction, but a rich opportunity for us to risk and waste ourselves.
So, go ahead, throw away the list of agenda points and unplug the power.
Everything you need is in that room, in the mind of everyone present, all you need to do is sort it out and pull it together.
All rights reserved©2002 Gary Lawrence Murphy, Soble Beach, Ontario, Canada.
This information shall be subject to the license for public publication [opencontent. org/openpub/]
Consultant, writer, speaker, musician, teacher, husband and father of five children Gary Lawrence Murphy is president of Teledynamics Communications Inc. , Teledynamics Communications Inc.
Gary's main work is the Internet research and development of large media portals and community network communications.
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